Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

Well, it's that time of year again! Carving pumpkins has been one of our traditions over the years. It's a little bit messy but it's FUN!
Daughter is too young to use a knife. So as usual, she's using her markers and colored her pumpkin.
She's goofing off  for the camera while it's on!
Tadaaa! Not too impressive Jack O' lanterns but they looked perfectly! Walang kokontra....:)


Green Apple Supply Review & Giveaway

What can you do to save our environment? The truth is there are many simple ways to save the environment, and we just don't pay attention to them. One simple way is to use eco-friendly products. You can find a huge selection of earth friendly items at Green Apple Supply. This website offers environmentally friendly products for school, home, and office at wholesale prices.
Green Apple Supply
I recently was given the opportunity to work with them and my daughter got the chance to try out some of their products. 
My daughter loves her new EcoZoo Panda Backpack. This backpack is part pet, part toy and actually function as a bag for kids of all ages. It's made of natural cotton canvas & rope materials. This adorable backpack is so durable and very roomy!
Aside from the cute backpack, she's also enjoying her new Faber-Castell Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse. This sturdy doll house measures 21x17x9 inches. Complete with markers, sticker accessories, punch out dolls and easy to assemble furniture. Even the packaging becomes part of the play experience. This complete set features over 100 pieces to assemble and decorate your very own dollhouse of your dreams!

The dollhouse is made form recycled cardboard and even the box it comes in features a play mat on the inside. Daughter is still working on her decors and coloring. I can't believe she spends more time with this cardboard dollhouse than playing with her regular barbie dollhouse. This is really a great item to give to your kids this Christmas. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

For more eco-friendly products or would like to order, you should check out today! Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions.

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Disclosure: Products mentioned above were provided by Green Apple Supply for FREE to review. I am disclosing this post in accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Beanless Bag Chair from Dorm Co Review & Giveaway

If you are wondering where to find the best deals for college students or for your little student at home, look no further because has it all!
Dorm Co offers the widest selection of essentials for your college dorm at the lowest prices. Check out their cool items such as Twin XL Bedding, Rugs, Decor, Furniture, alarm clocks, floor rugs, security, laundry and Space Savors. This website offers everyday low prices, including their current $2.95 shipping on your entire order. Plus, they also offer products that you won't find anywhere else. Many of their products are own branded dorm supplies created exclusively for college dorm life. 
Beanless Bag Chair - College Dorm Room Furniture
Recently, I was given the opportunity to review one of Dorm Co's amazing products. My daughter received a pink Beanless Bag Chair from Dorm Co to try out and she LOVES it! She's been using the comfy beanless bag chair ever since she got it. 
This inflatable Beanless Bag Chair is really comfortable and cozy. It's made of velour fabric on top & sides. I like using this kind of beanless bag chair because the velour exterior is easy to clean. Beanless Bag Chair is the most ideal, cheap dorm room furniture you'll find. This comfortable chair is perfect for lounging around, studying or watching a movie in your college dorm. This is by far the cheapest yet good quality Beanless Bag Chair I saw.

For more details or would like to check out Dorm Co's essential items,
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Contact: | 1 888 925 2899

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Disclosure: The product and giveaway have all been provided by Dorm Co.  I am disclosing this post in accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Kickin' Putt from BeginAgain Review

When was the last time you played with your kids outside? Nowadays, I barely see kids playing outdoor activities. It's sad to know that children spend more time watching TV, playing video games and using the computer than actively playing in the fresh air.
BeginAgain Home
I'm glad my daughter prefers to play or do outdoor activities than watching TV all the time. She always loves biking, hiking, or just simply kick a ball in our backyard. Recently, I was ecstatic when I found out that I was given the opportunity to review one of BeginAgain's awesome products. They sent me a Kickin' Putt set to try out and review.

BeginAgain is a creative mix of old time storytelling and responsibly crafted invention. Their mission to tell stories through toys, to teach through play, and to invent in partner with the planet. They are working to take OIL out of play, use plant based materials whenever possible and always reduce, recycle, and seek improvement.
Sports Toys: Kickin Putt
Kickin' Putt is a fun new game for kids to play outside. Kickin' Putt comes in a very hip "green" looking package that describes the package contents, game instructions, and the product manufacturing information. The set contains two amazing kick-balls that are a cross between a soccer ball and an inflatable golf ball. The balls are heavier then kickballs, which makes them not only good for this game, but also nice for playing ball in smaller yards or urban parks where parents may not want a ball that will "fly" quite as far as a classic kickball. The "goal" is a high quality hard rubber frisbee that players kick the balls towards. In short, parents buying this game will get three quality classic yard toys (two balls and a Frisbee) that can be used any number of ways and will last a long time.
My husband and daughter had a blast playing with Kickin' Putt last weekend. They both had fun!

Kickin' Putt is complete with 2 competition kickin' golf balls and a flying scoring disc. Simply toss the scoring disc to set the hole and player one gets started by kicking towards the goal. This old time game combines the fun of soccer, kickball, flying discs and golf.

For more details or would like to order,
Check out some of their "A WISH Collection" items at
Like them on Facebook
Contact: (970) 372-0522 | 

Disclosure: I received the above products from BeginAgain for free in exchange for my honest review.

$25 Swanque GC Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the $25 GC from Swanque. Thanks ladies for joining!
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cyber Monday TV Deals

Consumers are always looking for ways on how to get the best deals and save while doing their usual shopping. And with the holiday season fast approaching, shoppers are anticipating the holiday deals that they can avail of. Cyber Monday is touted as one of the busiest days of the holiday shopping season. The usual savings that consumers get from Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales are in a way extended with the great deals that are being offered during Cyber Monday. Those who want to avoid the long lines at their favorite stores or those who are not yet finished with their holiday shopping can look forward to great Cyber Monday deals on a wide variety of merchandise. Among the top Cyber Monday deals are clothes, jewelry, gift cards and the latest electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops and gaming consoles.
There are also deals on top holiday gift items are sure to get huge savings when they shop during Cyber Monday. If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment room but you have been putting it off because high quality televisions can be quite expensive, the Cyber Monday TV Deals will finally give you the chance to purchase the TV unit that you have always wanted.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review | Fabulous Trends from

I'm definitely not a fashion guru, but I know that wearing fashionable style doesn't have to break the bank. I certainly don't need to spend big bucks to look good.

If you are like me who loves to wear the latest fashions but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, why not check out This website offers a variety of stylish and affordable dresses, shoes, accessories, and a lot more. They also offer a good selection of clothes for plus size women.
I recently was given the opportunity to work with, and they sent me a couple of dresses to try out and review.
I just love this black floral lace ruffled dress. This is perfect for any fancy occasion including formals or fancy dinners. And you can matched it with any killer pair of shoes. I'm loving the bodycon style. It's stretchable   comfortable and easy to wear.
This blue ripple dress is perfect for all casual occasions. You can wear it to run errands or for a casual night out with friends.You can also wear this dress with very stylish accessories and match them with other pieces in order to create a designer look for less.

Shop today at for a great selection of trendy and good quality women’s fashion, sexy clothes and dresses, plus size clothing, junior clothing at discounted prices. So what are you waiting for?

For more details or would like to order:
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Contact: 1-800-507-9341 |

iHeart You – Thanksgiving Giveaway

Welcome to iHeart You – Thanksgiving Giveaway
Hosted by Hearts Content Of A Mama

iHeart You – Thanksgiving Giveaway

About the prize: We will have 7 very lucky winners! Giveaway will run until November 23rd (The day after Thanksgiving) at 12:01 am EST, must be 18 years or older to enter.
This giveaway is open to Worldwide (outside US) & US!
To enter, just fill up the rafflecopter form below.

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Mexican Peso

Guess what happened to my 20 Peso Mexican bill? It got shrunk! I personally blame myself for being so darn careless. What a big mistake!
One of the international bills I've collected over the years from our previous trips.
Well, what happened was I ironed it...weeeeeee! It got shrunk in just a matter of seconds. I didn't realized that the Mexican 20 peso bill is made of plastic. I guess I can't frame this one, yikes!

1099-K New Tax Form

Check out the big news for all the ins and outs small business.
big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
Brought To By

Thursday, October 25, 2012

LADYGROOMER WomanWipes & MANGROOMER BizWipes Review & Giveaway

Mangroomer has launched a new revolutionary personal care products for both Men and Women. Introducing LADYGROOMER™ WomanWipes™ and MANGROOMER® BizWipes™.

Me and my husband was given the opportunity to try them out. We both concluded that these flushable wipes are durable and work pretty well. It's very pleasant to use and not too moist enough to complete the job intended for. Plus, no need to worry about plumbing issues. Hey, they're flushables! You can also buy them at

WomanWipes™ by LADYGROOMER™ are flushable ultra-soft feminine hygiene towelettes with a fresh feminine scent made to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long. Specifically designed for women, use Woman Wipes in addition to toilet paper to effectively clean and eliminate any unwanted residue. Woman Wipes are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and are free of parabens and alcohol. Vitamin E and Aloe added for an ultra-soft soothing feel for sensitive skin, plus fresh feminine scent. Made in the USA. 
BizWipes™ by MANGROOMER® are made to keep you fresh and clean all day long. Specifically formulated for men, use BizWipes in addition to toilet paper to effectively clean and eliminate any unwanted residue. BizWipes are also great for freshening up the male intimate area after a long day at work, or after a workout. Flushable and Made in the USA.
How would you like to win awesome prizes from Mangroomer? They are giving away thousands of dollars to the person who can come up with the most creative MANGROOMER BizWipes or LADYGROOMER WomanWipes video!
- 1st place prize is $5,000
- 2nd place prize is $3,000
- 3rd place prize is $1,000!
Submit your LadyGroomer WomanWipes entry HERE or MANGROOMER BizWipes entry HERE.

For future updates and promotions, like them on FACEBOOK or follow them on TWITTER. Submission for entries is until December 31st. Just in time for the New Year! So what are you waiting for? Join today for a chance to win!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spend Quality Christmas Time With Your Family

Christmas is the season of caring and giving and there is no better way of spending this joyous occasion than with the people that matters most in your life – your family. It is the perfect time for you to just be with the presence of your family and spend quality time with them. We all have our own family traditions that make Christmas special and unique. These traditions also help preserve the bond that we have a family. Family reunions are something to look forward to especially when they are held during the holidays. Conversations with relatives that you haven’t seen for quite some time will be made more memorable when it is enjoyed over a sumptuous Christmas dinner. Games and gift giving are also some of the things that make Christmas reunions even more fun especially for the children.
Christmas celebrations can be as simple or grand as you want. It really depends on what you want as a family. What is important is that you are together. Decorating your home can become a bonding activity for your whole family especially if you all participate in making your home have that festive look and feel. The whole family can decide what the theme would be such as having a ‘White Christmas’ or having silver as the dominant color in most of the Christmas decorations that your house will have. Another great bonding activity for Christmas is buying Christmas gifts as a family. Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a fun and exciting for everyone. Each family can also decide on what to put on the Christmas hampers that you will give away to friends and neighbors. There are cheap Christmas hampers from Interflora that can have a variety of treats such as chocolates, cold meat, wine, fine cheeses and cold meats.


Have you ever had a caricature done of yourself? Hubby and I have done one in San Francisco 7 years ago.  It was before when Akesha was born. I thought the result came out really cute and!

See's Candies Review and Giveaway

I'm pretty sure a lot of people are very familiar with See's Candies. Well, if you've never heard of them before, you are missing out! I'm not a huge fan of candies, but See's is just so irresistible!
See's Famous Old Time Candies® are well known and loved throughout the West where the company was founded in 1921. If you were to visit a See's Candy store, you would find a sparkling clean black and white shop where your candies would be packed to order as you made your candy selection. See's reputation for friendly old-fashioned service remains unrivaled.

See's Candies offer gift baskets and boxes for everything from business gifts to fundraising to group specials. Of course, you could just order a special candy package for yourself, as well.

Recently, me and my family was given the opportunity to indulge ourselves with sugary treats from See's Candies. They sent me two boxes to try out to review: Autumn Fancy & Nuts and Chews.
From its richly patterned presentation box to the decorative leaf, this gift is exquisite. Nothing but the best will do inside as well. You'll be dazzled by foil-wrapped chocolate leaves, a selection of our celebrated chocolates, the Truffles everyone loves, and the special Maple Walnut confection. After savoring the chocolates, the Autumn Fancy box makes a pretty container for jewelry or photos.
This traditional See's Nuts & Chews chocolate assortment is packed with top-quality peanuts, California-grown English walnuts, almonds, chewy Caramel, honey Scotchmallow®, Rum Nougat and more - all coated with milk and dark chocolate.

Both assortment boxes are really really good! It has this mouthwatering blend of indescribable flavors. Sinfully delicious!  See's Candies never fails to satisfy me. I highly recommend these assorted chocolates as the perfect gift for any occasion.
Fall Favorites TowerHalloween Orange & Chocolate Creams
You might want to check out See's Candies current promotion such as Fall Gift items, Fall Fundraising, gift baskets, and Business Gifts. Also, See's Candies has a number of perfect Halloween treats that the whole family can enjoy.
For details or would like to purchase:
Like them on Facebook
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Contact: | 800-347-7337

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from See's Candies  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Travalo Review

There have been many times I wish I could take my favorite colognes and perfumes wherever I go, but it is just too bulky and messy. Thanks Travalo for inventing a revolutionary fragrance atomizer!
Travalo is company based in the U.K. that offers smaller travel-size flacons that are refillable. This is the perfect size for a pocket, for airport travel or a handbag. This great item is available in 10 beautiful colors and hold up to 50 sprays of your favorite scent.
This brilliant and sleek device converts liquid into a fine mist. Awesome right? It's a little bit larger than a tube of lipstick but it's convenient and you can actually put it on your pocket. Now that I have Travalo Excel, I do't have to worry about carrying a huge bottle of perfume with me.
Travalo excel is a perfect gift for Christmas, holiday, anniversary, graduation or birthday gifts. They sent me 3 excel valued at $45.00 to try out in exchange for a review.
Here's How to Refill:
Simply place a bottle of perfume on a flat surface and remove the top piece of the spray head. Attach the bottom of the Travalo to the top of the nozzle and press down repeatedly until the Travalo excel is full. Travalo fills directly from almost any fragrance bottle. I just love the fact that it has a refill indicator window. What an awesome concept! You should checkout today or order it at You can also buy them from
Like them on Facebook for a chance to win 5 Travalo's of your choice or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shopping at the Dollar Store

Last Friday, daughter and I went shopping for Fall/Halloween decors at the Dollar Store. We had $31.00 budget that I snatched from hubby's wallet the night before our Dollar Shopping!
Boy, I thought we didn't go over our budget. I was $25 short that day! Well, I guess we put too much stuff on our!
Right after we got home, daughter and I started decorating our dining table. It's a work in progress. I still have to add more decors on it. Right now, I'm working on hanging the Halloween decorations.

How about you? Do you like to decorate too?

Online Shopping Cart Software

Online shopping has revolutionized the way consumers shop for the products and services that they need. A huge percentage of consumers are now also active online shoppers. Most retailers know that having a physical store is no longer enough for them to stay competitive. This is why when you scour the internet these days you will see that most major retailers now have their own online stores as well. Online shopping has also allowed entrepreneurs who have just launched their businesses to expose their products and services to a wider market.

But having a website that features all the products and services that a company offers is not enough for their business sales to grow. Consumers want to be able to shop at their favorite retailer’s website at the comfort of their own home. Businesses who would like to set up a functional online shop are using different kinds of software such as online shopping cart software. This type of software enables online shoppers to choose all the products that they want to purchase and place them on a virtual ‘shopping cart’, similar to what shoppers do when they go grocery shopping, and then ‘proceed to checkout’ once they are done shopping and would like to pay for all their purchases.

How I Keep Toby My Irish Race Horse In Top Condition

This is a sponsored post.

I’m a mum of three and I’ve noticed a few other horse owners sharing their best practices of how they keep their horses in good condition. I have an Irish racehorse called Toby and he is getting on a bit now so I don’t really take him to too many competitions any more. I still like riding him though, and he gets a lot of pleasure out of it as well. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside so there are plenty of fields and disused roads that my family and I can use.
I keep my horse in good condition by using a few simple care products. I know that everyone has their own brand that they favour because they have been using them for a period of time, but mine is Lincoln Horse Care. I find the range of products that they offer really good and the price is not bad either considering that anything to do with horses is usually extremely expensive.
Also because I do a lot of riding on the roads I need to constantly think of horse hoof care. I tend to use a product by a company called NAF, which I purchase from Viovet, as they provide the best quality for the price and to be honest Toby gets along fine with it so there’s no point in changing.
What I will say works wonders for me and I’ve seen a couple of people mention it but I know that a lot of owners tend to forget to do this, and this is to use a fly repellent on your horse. Flies carry a lot of diseases with them and having them buzzing around your horse constantly is putting them at risk getting an infection. I therefore use a fly repellent, especially in the summer months, and not only does it make his life more comfortable when on a hot day there are a lot of flies around, but also I found that it reduced the risk of him getting ill.
These are just a few tips and products that I personally use and get along with really well. I do buy all my products online because this is where I make the best savings and I never go to a retail animal store.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WalletBe Review & Giveaway

It's no secret that I love shoes, handbags and wallets. I go crazy over them. After all, a shopaholic like me can never have too many girly stuff.
Speaking of wallets, I found a great place to buy one. You should visit WalletBe designs and manufactures high quality womens leather wallets and womens microfiber wallets that are unique and  affordable. They offer a wide variety of handcrafted womens leather wallets such as cellphone wallets, accordion wallets, wallet purses, billfold wallets, and keychain wallets, and so many more.

Check out this wallet that I received from WalletBe! It's a Ferrari Red Zippered Croco Double Wide Cell Phone Accordion Wallet with Convenient Outer ID Display Window, Shoulder Strap and Wristlet. Thanks WalletBe for giving me the chance to try out this gorgeous wallet/wristlet.

The compact leather accordion crocodile zip wallet and coin purse is slender enough to fit in a small handbag. The product is made of hand-finished Italian leather and features authentic-looking crocodile embossing. I really like this wallet because I can easily convert it to a shoulder strap or a wristlet. There are even special holders inside for my pen and lip gloss. This wallet is very convenient and has plenty of space for credit cards, accessories, easy access identification sleeves and change holders. Plus, there's a space for my smart phone!

It's available in 8 colors, the leather is two-toned with a deeper shade of the same color to create a one-of-a-kind look. This is definitely a perfect gift for Christmas, holiday, anniversary, graduation or birthday gifts. Aside from womens wallet, they also offer mens wallets, eyewear, and business and laptop accessories. So what are you waiting for?

For more details or would like to purchase, visit today! You might also want to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions.

By the way, how would you like to receive a FREE wallet ($45.00 value) from WalletBe? To qualify, just enter the giveaway requirements below. This opportunity is open to US residents only. Giveaway will run until November 21st @11:59 pm.
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Trendy Clothing | Lavishville Review

If you are looking for trendy and fashionable clothes and accessories at affordable prices, you should visit today! They have hundreds of chic styles, and irresistible clothes that fit you well.
Here are some of my picks:
Sequined Mini Dress (Teal) - FrontOpen Back Peplum Dress with Sweetheart Neckline (Red) - Front
I'm very happy with the dress and I really love the style of this black and peach lace dress with chiffon sleeves that I got from Lavishville.
The chiffon fabric is so feminine and the style looks very romantic. The lacy crochet is so sleek and sophisticated. This dress is perfect for all occasions. It's made of 100% polyester. Thanks Lavishville for giving me the chance to review this beautiful dress.

For more details or would like to check out their trendy clothes, visit or like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates and promotions. So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

U.S. Air Force Coasters

I bought a new set of coasters today. I got them at the BX exchange for $5.99. I thought the set (6pcs) is a bit expensive compared to the one I saw at the Dollar!

Baby Sling

Taking care of the needs of your baby does not mean you have to stay at home at all times. It is still possible to enjoy the outdoors or go on errands while taking care of your baby. There are a variety of baby sling and wraps that you can use if you want to be able to do different tasks even if you have a baby to attend to. Going to the supermarket with your baby will be more convenient when you have your own baby sling. Baby slings and warps come in a variety of colors and designs. Choose those that you are comfortable using. They are made from soft but durable fabrics which allow your baby to feel comfortable at all times. Babies need to feel the presence of their mother and baby carriers allow babies to smell the scent of their mothers and feel their heartbeat. This helps babies feel secured and comforted at all times.

Platinum Coins

Being able to provide a stable financial future for our family is a common goal among all of us. We know that our nation’s economy can be very unstable and we are never sure of whether or not the job that we have right now that pays well will still be ours in the future. Our financial future can be very unpredictable which is why we need to make sure that we look into all the available options that we have that will allow us to have enough to provide a secure financial future for ourselves and our family. More and more people these days are looking into different investment options that they can profit from. There are traditional forms of investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other similar investment opportunities that are being offered by banks and investment firms. A more profitable but riskier investment option is trading and investing in precious metals such as gold, copper, palladium, platinum and silver. They can be in the form of coins, bars or bullions. Others prefer investing in precious metals since their value remains constant even though their market price may change. Precious metals are also versatile since they can be exchanged or converted in any currency. Looking for buyers for these precious metals is also easier because there is a constant demand for them. With the right trading strategies, an investor will know when to sell thereby increasing his chances of gaining more profit. Great Southern Coins Platinum Coins offer a wide variety of precious metals that collectors and investors can choose from. They take pride in their excellent customer service which allows them to provide only the best personalized service to all their clients. If you are looking to invest in precious metals, you can visit their website and see what they have to offer.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spooky Books

Saturday is library day for our little miss. She borrows 7-8 books every weekend. Last time, she wanted to borrow one of this horror books...weeeeeeee! I told her "NO" because she's too young to read these spooky!
Photo was taken last weekend at Lackland Airforce Base Library.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

WondaWedge & BookWedge Review

WondaWedge is an inflatable reading pillow with permanently attached mat. It is perfect for the beach, picnics, outdoor concerts, or reading and recuperating in bed. Lightweight for travel, stores in a small space, and users can set their own comfort level. The WondaWedge has three different angles giving you three different positions: sitting up, reclining and lying down.
Thanks WondgaWedge for giving me the chance to review this inflatable reading pillow!
I like the fact that we can use it in bed, on the floor, and even at the beach. It also makes a great beach or lake chair because its waterproof and convenient. My daughter loves using it everyday. It's lightweight and inflatable, easy to carry and easy to use. It's available in different colors!
Aside from the inflatable reading pillow, I was a given the chance to try out Bookwedge. The BookWedge weighs only 3.5 oz and folds flat when deflated. It reduces strain on the arms and neck by providing support at just the right angle. Holds iPads, tablets, eBook readers, smart phones, hard and soft cover books. I enjoy using it on my lap, in any chair or recliner. It's also perfect for use in bed, desk or table.

For more details or if you would like to order, you should check out today! You might also want to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get updates and promotions.

WondaWedge is available worldwide.  Visit WondaWedge's retail store locations HERE.

Amazon Voucher Giveaway

How would you like to win a $75 voucher from Simply click through the rafflecopter form below to qualify. Like Casino Mate on Facebook to get updates and current promotions. So what are you waiting for? Join today for a chance to win an Amazon voucher.
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Anytime Can Be Quality Time

Spending quality time with each other is important to us as a family. There are certain activities that we like to do together such as travelling or just simply going to the nearest park and spending a relaxing afternoon with our daughter. Our daughter is also into sports and watching her and her team play is something that we enjoy doing.
2012 Summer Vacation | Tulum, Mexico
When we are not outdoors, watching out favorite televisions shows is one of our favorite bonding activities as a family. We love watching our daughter’s favorite children’s show together. We do not only get to spend time with her but we also get to be aware of things that our daughter is interested in. It truly is a great feeling to be laughing with her when her favorite cartoon character does something witty on screen. Aside from our daughter’s favorite shows, my husband and I enjoy watching sporting events, TV specials and a couple of TV series. We have our own favorite teams and we like to watch their every game whenever possible. Good thing we have Comcast cable tv that allows us to watch our favorite shows whenever we want. We also get to enjoy blockbuster movies and primetime shows not just on our television but also through online streaming. When we need to catch up on episodes that we have missed or we want to have a movie or TV marathon, we can have all that and more through Comcast TV. Even watching past seasons of our favorite TV series is simple and more convenient. We have access to shows of every genre. So if the weather is not suitable for any outdoor activity or we just want to stay indoors and spend some quiet time together, we just turn on our TV and watch our favorite show or movie.