Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

How are y'all doing!? I hope you had a blissful and wonderful weekend. Our weekend went OK. Last Saturday was our daughter's 4th soccer game. It was another tough game. Both teams got the same score of 4-4.
Anyway, pumpkin carving is one of the things we do during Halloween season. Hubby and I always carve our pumpkins....we're not professionals so please be kind and don't criticize our! Since Akesha don't know how to carve yet, we always let her paint her pumpkin.
The left side is mine. Hubby carved a cyclops monster...weeee!
This year I didn't go gaga  for Halloween decorations. I just have a simple decorations outside our house.
The little miss can't wait to giveaway candies and of course...she's excited to go trick or treating!


  1. i like crunch!

    we carved our pumpkin last night too... it was fun!

  2. Like your family photo. And I like your halloween decoration not too scary looking that kids will have a nightmare lol!
    Happy Monday!

    Collage of Roses

  3. Your pumpkins look wonderful all lit up! And your daughter did a good job of painting hers.
    The front of your house looks very welcoming to little ghosts and goblins!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Happy Halloween...

  5. Looks like you are all ready for the Halloween. Your pumpkin lantern is better than your hubby's, hehehe. Akesha seems so excited for the annual trick or treat. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Great shots Dhemz. You have a beautiful family.

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  7. The Crunch is BLUE!

    Happy Blue Monday to you, Dhemz!

  8. Happy Halloween you guys, Your pumpkin tsang ni match ra sa pagka spooky hehe na may gani ky nitabang si goryo ug carve ni jose gyud tsang ky ni amut ra ug kadali batsi na dayon heheheh

    Mura mga prof little soccer player da sge mn ka tabla hehehe. home next week akesha's team will win. get well bayot ky mag trick or treat pa mo karon hehehe

  9. Weeeh... kalami man sang mga carvings nyo diha sistah.. Kami pass ra this year bec of my surgery...bawi na lang next year.

    Bitaw oi, proud soccer mom na jud ka ani sistah.. hahaha.. murag naay potential si Akesh sa sports. Lucky you...

    Btw, I like the doorway decoration for Halloween.. simple lang.. Sa uban diri sa amoa sus, ka spooky man jud.. daghan ug tombs kag creatures...

    Anyway, ayu2x diha get well soon.. I heard nagkasakit ka diay? Sa California sad, super weird ang weather diri. Sa daytime, init pag gabi na tugnaw na kaayo. Mayo ra kay wa snow..

    Take care.. mwahness...

  10. Lovely family portrait, Dhemz.

    Happy Halloween!


  11. Happy Halloween sis.haha ka nice sa carving..Akesh did a good job naman in painting her pumpkin. I would love to have a bucketful of these candies

  12. Happy Halloween.. yummy naman mga chocolates sosyal ehehe. Nice carvings.

  13. Love the carvings! Looks as if you guys are going to have a wonderful Halloween.

  14. very cute Halloween the pumpkins glowing in the dark!!!

  15. ya for girls playing soccer. See her in the world cup.

  16. It's wonderful that your entire family prepares for the holiday together. I like your family photo.

  17. magaling din pala ang nakalaban na team ni Akesha.....4-4 ang score....ang daming gamit ng pumpkin na iyan.....puwede gawing laruan..

  18. All my favorite goodies! Happy Halloween!

  19. You've all done well in carving the pumpkin, it's a huge effort doing that. It looks great especially with the lighting. I like pumpkin carving one day too hehe.

  20. You've all done well in carving the pumpkin, it's a huge effort doing that. It looks great especially with the lighting. I like pumpkin carving one day too hehe.

  21. interestingly, my daughter says she'd rather give out candy next year than collect it.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  22. Love the pumpkins! The first time I tried one on my own, it seemed like such hard work, and difficult to get it to look like anything at all!

  23. I don't decorate for Halloween sis, pumpokins lang kami hehehe. Taray ng kilay nung isang pumpkin hehehe.

  24. Happy Halloween!

    Looks like so much fun... Nangandoy sad na maka carve ug pumpkins.. Hehehe

    Bisita ko for Orange Tuesdays...

  25. weee..scary nice..hehhe..nindot naa mo pumpkin diha..hehe

    look what we've got instead:) my orange tuesday here:

  26. nice bonding!
    thanks for joining!
    pwede pahingi ng chocolate?hehehe..
    pretty Akesha!


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