Monday, October 22, 2012

How I Keep Toby My Irish Race Horse In Top Condition

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I’m a mum of three and I’ve noticed a few other horse owners sharing their best practices of how they keep their horses in good condition. I have an Irish racehorse called Toby and he is getting on a bit now so I don’t really take him to too many competitions any more. I still like riding him though, and he gets a lot of pleasure out of it as well. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside so there are plenty of fields and disused roads that my family and I can use.
I keep my horse in good condition by using a few simple care products. I know that everyone has their own brand that they favour because they have been using them for a period of time, but mine is Lincoln Horse Care. I find the range of products that they offer really good and the price is not bad either considering that anything to do with horses is usually extremely expensive.
Also because I do a lot of riding on the roads I need to constantly think of horse hoof care. I tend to use a product by a company called NAF, which I purchase from Viovet, as they provide the best quality for the price and to be honest Toby gets along fine with it so there’s no point in changing.
What I will say works wonders for me and I’ve seen a couple of people mention it but I know that a lot of owners tend to forget to do this, and this is to use a fly repellent on your horse. Flies carry a lot of diseases with them and having them buzzing around your horse constantly is putting them at risk getting an infection. I therefore use a fly repellent, especially in the summer months, and not only does it make his life more comfortable when on a hot day there are a lot of flies around, but also I found that it reduced the risk of him getting ill.
These are just a few tips and products that I personally use and get along with really well. I do buy all my products online because this is where I make the best savings and I never go to a retail animal store.


Unknown said...

Raising horse is not that easy, aside from its high maintenance you have to have ranch too para tigwayan sa kabayo hehe, palit nlng ta ug stick nga kabayo bayot. anyway thanks for sharing this info about horses, ug madatu ta makapalit ta ug rancho, we know already what to do with our horse hehehe

Caroline Smith said...

We ordered before xmas these safety things for horses and my kids do really love them