Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mexican Peso

Guess what happened to my 20 Peso Mexican bill? It got shrunk! I personally blame myself for being so darn careless. What a big mistake!
One of the international bills I've collected over the years from our previous trips.
Well, what happened was I ironed it...weeeeeee! It got shrunk in just a matter of seconds. I didn't realized that the Mexican 20 peso bill is made of plastic. I guess I can't frame this one, yikes!


Unknown said...

hahahhaa poor Mexico!!! Next time you go back to mexico bayot collect tanan ila sapi. you cans till frame it bayot bahala ug wrinkled ug gamay nlng. it's a reminder nga naplantasan ilang plastic nga kwarta

Rcel said...

aguy, ka-walay batasan ani nga currency collector kay mamalantsa man! hahaha. imo jud gi-punish-an nang tawo diha dhemz do! :P same diay sa new 10 hongkong dollars-- made of plastic pud. never jud to naku plantsahon, pastilan, kusog ra ba kaayo ko mamalantsa. hahaha

Chubskulit Rose said...

Gandang souvenir nyan sis.

Chris Heng said...

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