Monday, October 29, 2012

Kickin' Putt from BeginAgain Review

When was the last time you played with your kids outside? Nowadays, I barely see kids playing outdoor activities. It's sad to know that children spend more time watching TV, playing video games and using the computer than actively playing in the fresh air.
BeginAgain Home
I'm glad my daughter prefers to play or do outdoor activities than watching TV all the time. She always loves biking, hiking, or just simply kick a ball in our backyard. Recently, I was ecstatic when I found out that I was given the opportunity to review one of BeginAgain's awesome products. They sent me a Kickin' Putt set to try out and review.

BeginAgain is a creative mix of old time storytelling and responsibly crafted invention. Their mission to tell stories through toys, to teach through play, and to invent in partner with the planet. They are working to take OIL out of play, use plant based materials whenever possible and always reduce, recycle, and seek improvement.
Sports Toys: Kickin Putt
Kickin' Putt is a fun new game for kids to play outside. Kickin' Putt comes in a very hip "green" looking package that describes the package contents, game instructions, and the product manufacturing information. The set contains two amazing kick-balls that are a cross between a soccer ball and an inflatable golf ball. The balls are heavier then kickballs, which makes them not only good for this game, but also nice for playing ball in smaller yards or urban parks where parents may not want a ball that will "fly" quite as far as a classic kickball. The "goal" is a high quality hard rubber frisbee that players kick the balls towards. In short, parents buying this game will get three quality classic yard toys (two balls and a Frisbee) that can be used any number of ways and will last a long time.
My husband and daughter had a blast playing with Kickin' Putt last weekend. They both had fun!

Kickin' Putt is complete with 2 competition kickin' golf balls and a flying scoring disc. Simply toss the scoring disc to set the hole and player one gets started by kicking towards the goal. This old time game combines the fun of soccer, kickball, flying discs and golf.

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Disclosure: I received the above products from BeginAgain for free in exchange for my honest review.


  1. She is growing like a lil lady bayot. Mura opposite ning akoa tsang, not into sports mn ning mga bataa siguro. they just prefer to watch TV nanga ugok nani sila heheheh.

    Partner kaayo ang father and daughter uy.

  2. looks like you guys have fun playing with these ball :) i love your models mami dhemz :D

  3. my little man likes to play ball, indoors! i have to hide all kinds of balls in fear of him breaking something which could lead the husband breaking my neck lol btw, this is a good toy to give him since he loves to kick but it will have to wait until spring because it is already cold in our neck of the woods

  4. This looks fun Madam....astig pa jud kaayo imong mga models... I want one for Hubby and Baby D...hehe

  5. their having fun together.I enroll my son to the karate to bad he change his mind he say's he don't like karate. he likes kicking the ball like football or related on balls we register him in sports.

  6. I love this game Momi Dhemz :-) it is perfect to have fun outside :-) Daddy and daughter are having a wonderful time playing together :-)

  7. Weeeeh! This is so nice! Walay giveaway ani Dhemz? Kay akong daugon unta! LOL.

    Look at Akesh! Athletic kaayo oi. It helps nga ang Daddy maoy number one makita nga physically active. It's true. Kids these days are inclined to their computer games and everything electronic. I don't want that to reign in my own daughter's life. So physical games are always a must. This is perfect for us. Mo-pitch kaya ko ani. Madawat kaya ko Dhemz? :D

  8. one cool toy, kasi both will have fun and at the same time maka exercise pa.. oh i miss summer season already

  9. I still go out and play with my son, coz he loves to play all the time....great looking father and daughter tandem there...

  10. so true! even my niece and nephews seldom play outside or do outdoor stuff... which is a bad thing for kids since they could end up living a sedentary lifestyle.. :( they just keep on playing computers at home :(

  11. I haven't seen that tool yet her in Pinas.. I am sure your girl love to play it with daddy and mommy...

  12. this is cool. i hope i get to buy this item for little zachy.

    thanks for sharing te dhemz.. :)


  13. I could not agree more, Dhemz! Kids these days are so wired they dont have an idea how fun it is to go outdoors and play! I always tell my kids to bike around in the afternoons so that they could at least exercise and enjoy fresh air. We also see to it that we go out to the park once in a while so that the kids would have fun outdoors. Looks like your hubby and your little sweetheart had a blast!

  14. This is a great way to drag the kids' behind off the couch and be active outside. You still have nice weather dha Mommy Dhemz.

  15. Oh that will be good for my kids that likes to play outside. But our temperature is always cold but will be pitching this one. Your daughter looks cute.

  16. I still rule the kids in our household. I don't tolerate them spending that much time with the computer or watching TV in a day. I also buy them needed equipments as my way of encouraging them to engage with the outdoor activities.


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