Friday, October 19, 2012

Spooky Books

Saturday is library day for our little miss. She borrows 7-8 books every weekend. Last time, she wanted to borrow one of this horror books...weeeeeeee! I told her "NO" because she's too young to read these spooky!
Photo was taken last weekend at Lackland Airforce Base Library.


  1. awww bookworm diay pud nang imong little miss mami? dili pa ko kapasalig ug borrow ug books sa library kay although kasaligan ang kuya nga dli gub-on ang books basin simbako malipat mi ug langkaton sa manghud lol dakong multa..

  2. Kugihan diay na magbasa ug books imu pretty daughter sis, maulaw pd ta ky picture ra man ako ganahan ug lantaw kadto bata pa ko until karun. hehehe

  3. Good for your unica ija mommy.. Mahilig diay sya basa ug books.. Smarty pod bata-a liwat sa parents:)

    Thank's for joining, bpc!

  4. Nyahaha. Gi-NO sa Mommy kay too young to read those spooky books. If I know, ang Mommy diay ang nitalaw. Wahahaha!

    Library girl diay kaayo ni si Akesh on Saturday ha. Ang Triz wala na kaadto library since school started. Sa school library ra sya manguha ug books to take home. And she gets books sa Grade 3-5 levels.

    BPC hop!


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