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Mohawk $150 GC & Mixed Bag Giveaway

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The Fairy Hobmother Dropped By!

Do you believe in fairies? We may be familiar with what fairies are and what they can do, but in this day and age of super computers, robots, smartphones and the internet, most people would say that fairies only exist in children’s books and movies. But do you know that there is a fairy that has been spreading joy in the blogosphere these days? And guess what? That same fairy has just visited this blog! And that makes me one happy and lucky blogger!

The fairy that has been sprinkling pixie dusts on several blogs (including this blog) is called the Fairy Hobmother. He is also very generous because he brings gifts with him every time he visits a blog. Yes, the Fairy Hobmother is a he! When he is not busy visiting blogs and bringing gifts, he can be found at Appliances Online where they have Samsung H Series RSH5SBBP American Fridge Freezer and other top of the line appliances.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Review & Giveaway | Trendy Clothing from Living Royal

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, it's just because we are stay at home moms it doesn't mean we have to be a granny and wear full length tops and full length skirts all the time. As a stay-at-home mom, I don't have plenty of time to get glammed up every day but once in awhile I like to dress up and look good for special occasions. I just love FASHION period!
Recently, I was given the opportunity to work with Living Royal. I was offered to choose an item from one of their collections and review it. It took me awhile to pick the best one because they're so many gorgeous dress to choose from.  I've decided to go with the Disco Ball Dress. I'm thinking of wearing it on my husband's upcoming company's annual party.

This sparkly fun dress is made of 100% polyester. The silk dress is absolutely dripping in rows and rows of sequins. I really like this dress. This dress is perfect for layering up for a rad fall outfit and it does look great with sexy stilettos too! 

Aside from trendy clothes, Living Royal also sells accessories like tweezers, scarves, necklaces, cuffs and more. Honestly, their clothing and style may not be for everyone, but they have a pretty big selection, so you just have to look around.

For more details:
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Contact: (312) 906-7600 |

By the way, how would you like to win a fabulous $75 GC from Living Royal? Well, all you have to do is enter the giveaway HERE! Giveaway is open until October 20th and available to US residents only.
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Car Insurance For Your Classic Automobile

Having a car is necessity for most people. We all need a vehicle that we can use every day for different purposes such as driving to and from work, running errands, driving the kids to school in the morning and fetching them later in the afternoon and other similar tasks. For a person whose line of work involves a lot of travelling having their own car is a must.

A car is also a major investment which is why you need to make sure that that particular investment is protected at all times. A classic car insurance aarp is something that all car owners should have. Not only is a car insurance a requirement by law, it is also important for the financial, medical and personal welfare of the car owner. A simple car accident may force a person into bankruptcy if he does not have car insurance. Aside from facing a legal case, he also has medical bills to worry about. This can be very costly and stressful without the proper car insurance.
Classic Car Photos 4
Photo Courtesy:
There are a number of insurance firms that offer different types of insurance including life insurance, health insurance and auto insurance. Most major insurance providers have websites which you can browse through if you would like to know more about the various insurance plans that they offer. You can also browse through different websites to see which insurance provider offers the car insurance that you need at the price that you can afford. Make sure that the car insurance that you acquire offers the coverage that you need. Contact them through email or phone if you have any questions or concerns so that you understand everything about their various insurance policies. You can also read articles about laws and requirements concerning car insurance to make sure that you know what type of car insurance you should acquire.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Outfit Idea

I found this cute fall outfit yesterday at one of the magazines I bought last weekend. I fell so in love with the boho chic dress autumn hues paired with equestrian-esque riding boots. So trendy!


This post brought to you by NECTRESSE™Sweetener. All opinions are 100% mine.
Have you ever tried NECTRESSE™ sweetener yet? 
NECTRESSE™Sweetener is a brand new product from Splenda. This brand new product derives its natural sweetness from the monk fruit, a small green melon that has grown on lush vines in remote mountain regions in Asia for hundreds of years. Deliciously sweet monk fruit extract is combined with the perfect blend of other natural sweeteners without all the calories.

I was given the opportunity to try it out, and I loved it! I used NECTRESSE™Sweetener instead of using regular sugar in my family’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s definitely the perfect substitute for sugar and I loved that I didn't need to use that much. My family didn’t even notice the difference.
This sweetener is 150 times sweeter than sugar and can be used in cooking and baking to add natural, zero calorie per serving sweetness in your favorite beverages and a delicious variety of foods. Not only is it all-natural and calorie free, it was incredibly good. Made with deliciously sweet monk fruit extract, NECTRESSE™ Sweetener tastes like regular sugar but healthier.
• NECTRESSETM Sweetener is available in both convenient single-serve packets (40 servings) and easy to hold canisters (140 servings) with a multipurpose lid for sprinkling, pouring or spooning.
• NECTRESSETM Sweetener is available now in grocery stores, drug stores, supercenters and online for suggested retail prices of $3.99 (packets) and $6.99 (canisters).
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2 sticks butter (softened)
2 1/4 c. flour
1 1/2 c NECTRESSE™Sweetener
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 c. chocolate morsels
Preheat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease a cookie sheet. In a large mixing bowl, Mix butter, NECTRESSE™Sweetener and vanilla together with an electric blender until well blended and creamy. Add eggs (one at a time). Mix dry ingredients together in a medium bowl. Mix dry ingredients with creamy batter until well blended and thicker. Fold in morsels and nuts. Spoon batter onto pan a inch apart.
Bake 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Toronto Dance Coach

If you want to improve your dancing skills and you want to pursue a professional career as a dancer, then you must be willing to put in all the hard work needed to be the best dancer that you can be. It would also help if you have a competent Toronto dance coach that can guide you and teach you techniques that will help improve your skills as a dancer. A dance coach can also help you prepare for dance auditions. They can help you learn dance steps that you may otherwise find difficult to learn when you do them on your own. Your dance coach can also give you tips on how to best overcome stage fright especially if you haven’t had that much experience in dance auditions. Through your dance coach you will be able to have the advantage you need to stand out even if you have to compete for a part against other more experienced dancers. So if you are looking for dance coaches in Toronto, you should check out

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Our Way to Tulum

continuation on our way to Tulum, Mexico
When we arrived in Playa del Carmen, we headed right away to our tour bus. Our tour guide, Manuel was very accommodating and entertaining.
Showing us the map of Mexico
After an hour of informative bus ride to Tulum, we had a 30-minute break at a local Mayan cooperative center.
It's definitely a tourist trap with souvenirs galore for sale and overpriced food. On the contrary, the place is unique and has some pieces of Mayan artifacts displayed before entering the shopping area. 

My favorite part....SHOPPING! I always love shopping for souvenirs. The Mayan cooperative center offers a lot of handcrafted items like jewelries, bags, decorations and a lot more.

I'm glad hubby did not buy the chess game here because it was too expensive!
The financier looks agitated...nyahaha! I wonder how much pesos he paid for all the!

To be continued...

Fun and Games For Children

Are you a family with children or grandchildren and looking to bring some fun to your backyard? Children are full of energy and are constantly moving from one activity to another. Having an area in the backyard where you can have all your swingset accessories is sure to bring all the neighborhood kids to your house. Buying the latest swings will increase your children's activity level and their independence to try some fun and games with friends.   
  Tire Swing with Rope
There is nothing like outdoor play for kids, their enthusiasm and innocence is incredible. Seeing the faces of your children or grandchildren as you bring the swings in the backyard only adds to the excitement of having one. They come in a variety of styles to include beautiful wooden swings with slide, others wooden sets appeal to the treehouse lovers. All of the wooden swings are beautifully crafted and come with the swingset accessories.

One of the fantastic things about these swings is, you can customize them for your children. You can add accessories as your children grow, depending upon the model you choose. Some accessories are necessary for every swing but tarps and roofs are optional depending on your swingset choice. The hardware that is available for the swings are some of the best in the hardware industry. 

Giving your grandchildren or children a wonderful, safe place to play is a great thing to do. Children should have a fun, safe place to play. The variety of hardware, roofs or tarps available give you the choice to customize your backyard play area. Swingset accessories also include flags, monkey bars and spiral slides.

Your choices of hardware and accessories are in abundance; but so will the fun be for your children. Swingset accessories enable you to customize this terrific play area for your kids. Crawl tunnels and bridges add to the excitement of swings and can appeal to your children's growing imagination. Pole handles and hand grips are the safety measures you can add to the swings. They come in different colors; some of the handles are metal therefore you have some great options to choose from.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review & Giveaway | Daily's Cocktails

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review and host a giveaway sponsored by Daily's Cocktails. They sent me a Walmart Giftcard to purchase Daily's blender-style cocktails to try out. It's available in seven mouth-watering flavors for $1.88 a pouch. I purchased six out of 7 flavors.

Flavors: Frozen Lemonade, Mojito, Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Peach Daiquiri, Pomegranate Acai Margarita.
 I'm not much of a drinker but I occasionally have a glass of pina colada, margarita or other cocktail drinks. Daily's Cocktail are a lot cheaper than anything you can buy at a restaurant or bar. These ready to drink cocktails are perfect for the beach, bonfires, camping, or picnic.

They're all delicious but my favorite is the Pomegranate Acai Margarita. The alcohol is not too strong and the smooth flavor is really really good! I highly recommend this drink to everyone. If you like frozen drinks, but hate the blender hassle, then buy Daily's Frozen Pouches. It is as simple as Freeze, Squeeze and Enjoy!

For more details:
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You might also check out the amazing recipe section on where you can select a new drink recipe by color, flavor, spirit type, glass type, occasion, season, how-to-mix, or cocktail type, then like, tweet, pin or share your favorite recipe from the site.
Anchor Insulated Lunch Tote
By the way, Daily’s Cocktails wants to help you continue to enjoy summer, (3) of my readers will WIN an Insulated  Lunch Tote from Daily’s! YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE TO JOIN THE CONTEST. Open to US residents only. 
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Anchor Bolts

If you are in the construction business, you must know that aside from having highly skilled and experienced workers, the quality of the materials that you use in every structure that you build are equally important. It is not just the big components but even the small ones such as the anchor bolts, screws, and hex nuts that should be carefully chosen. You need to find a trusted distributor of parts and components that can supply everything that you will need. These parts will have a huge contribution to the quality of the structure that you will build. A structure made from the highest quality materials are sure to last for many years and are less likely to get damaged easily. If you browse through the website of a structural bolts distributor, you will get to see the various products that they have as well as tools and accessories that are needed in the construction of different structures such as bridges, tunnels and highways. You can conveniently order for everything that you will need online.

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Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway

Welcome to Hello Fall $1000 Cash Giveaway

Happy Home and Family and Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog together with the most amazing group of bloggers are bringing you once again another FABULOUS event where one very lucky reader will win $1000 cold hard cash!
Special thanks to: Diva Fabulosa & Beauty and Fashion Diva

So what would you do with a thousand dollars if you win, tell us your plan :)?

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Goodluck everyone!

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for shipment of prize, nor did I accept any form of payment to promote this event. All entries will be verified.

Day 6 | Cozumel Island, Mexico

From Jamaica to Grand Cayman, I will take you to our last destination, MEXICO! We arrived in Puerta Maya Pier at around 9:00 in the morning. After the whole custom thing we headed immediately to our final excursion.
The sisters ship: Carnival Magic and Carnival Conquest. The Carnival Conquest arrived earlier than us.
Welcome to Puerta Maya, Cozumel Island, Mexico.
The whole island was pretty crowded. People were busy looking for their tour excursion schedules while my family and I went to the opposite route. Since our excursion was outside the island, we took a ferry ride going to Playa del Carmen. The boat ride was a little bit far than we thought but it was OK.
Playa del Carmen here we come! We could have stayed there for awhile and enjoy the scenery in Playa del Carmen but we were on a tight schedule that day. Too bad!
After getting off the ferry, we were told to go directly to our tour bus going to Tulum.

To be continued....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review & Giveaway | Asher's Chocolates

Most people love chocolate. I believe that chocolate is one of the decadent guilty pleasures in life. I don't really have much of a sweet tooth but I do like chocolate-covered caramelized nuts. Thanks to Asher's for sending me a box of Milk & Dark Assorted Chocolates to try out in exchange for a fair review. I was so thrilled that I was given the opportunity to try their product.
Asher's is the perfect place to shop for chocolates & treats, gift baskets & boxes, and business gifts. Plus, they also have a very large variety of sugar free chocolates. Asher's Chocolates offers an award-winning selection of chocolates and other sweets—from assorted pralines to their chocolate-smothered pretzels and creamy fudge. They also have one of the largest and most delicious lines of sugar-free chocolates in the country. If you're a chocolate lover, this is definitely the best place to go!
This assorted chocolates are sinfully delicious! My favorite was the classic pecan patty and coconut cluster. Their majestic box contained 28 delicious chocolates that melted in your mouth. Packed in an elegant gift box, makes the perfect gift.
Life may be a box of chocolates, but Asher's Majestic assortment is a delectable adventure. Enjoy their finest selection of rich milk and dark chocolate truffles, toffees, buttercreams, jellies, nuts and souffl├ęs.

For more details:
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Contact: (866) 310-3008 |

By the way, Asher's Chocolates is giving one visitor/reader a box of  Milk & Dark Assorted Chocolates. Just enter below! This giveaway is open to US residents only.
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San Antonio Car Title Loans

Going through financial difficulties is something that most of us go through at one point or another. There are times when we don’t have the amount we need to pay for services or goods that we urgently need. In times of medical emergencies, for instance, most of us don’t have enough savings that will cover the expenses that have been incurred. Acquiring quick personal loans may be one of the things that we can do to have the amount of money that we need. San Antonio Car Title Loans, a leading lending institution with agents that services multiple areas in San Antonio, specializes in providing loans to car owners who need cash immediately. The amount of loan that a car owner may acquire from them will be based on the information that he will provide about his vehicle. It will be based solely on the value of the car. The process is also quick which is ideal for those looking to acquire cash at the soonest possible time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review & Giveaway |

I love online shopping! It's actually my stress reliever. Shopping online is so much more convenient than messing with the crowds in the store. Plus, it saves you time and money. Another reason why I love online shopping is the cheap deals and better prices that I get directly from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved. Many online companies like also offer FREE shipping and FREE returns.

If you're a purse fanatic like me, you need to checkout because they offer blazing handbag deals everyday for under $39.95 only. I was ecstatic when they sent me a gorgeous beige satchel for free in exchange for a fair review. BagBlaze is the online shopping destination for those who want quality handbags for up to 70% off retail!
I love the color and the style of this gorgeous satchel. This chic Ostrich satchel makes accessorizing easy, with an embossed pattern and zip-closure for easy access to everything. This fabulous bag features two sturdy handles for easy portability, the sleek style that's fully lined and includes a back zip pocket for wallet or phone and a unique front lock-style detail which I really like. This diva-inspired designer handbag you won't find for less anywhere else. So if you are looking for quality handbags at affordable prices, you should checkout out today!
By the way, how would you like to win a FREE handbag of your choice from BagBlaze? Well, just enter HERE to qualify. This giveaway runs until October 8th pm and open to US residents only.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Gardening with Miracle-Gro®!

This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.
MiracleGro Logo(1).jpg
I can't believe that fall is almost here. When I think of fall, I think of bright and colorful mums. They bloom from September through November. They come in many sizes, colors and flower shapes. What I love about them is they can make great garden plants because they are perennials, meaning that they come back for several years or longer. Fall gardening is exciting!
Find beauty in the Fall with these gorgeous fall garden ideas. I grabbed these inspirations from earlier. I'm planning to lighten up my backyad using mums plants. I just love looking at these flowers. The picture below is my ideal deck garden project. 

I also fell inlove with this claypots idea. Clay pots look attractive and make good containers for flowers.

I already bought different colors of mums yesterday. All I have to do is transfer them into a bigger pots. I also bought  2 bags of Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix . Oh, I just can't wait to get started! You might want to check out Miracle-Gro Facebook page for ideas and inspirations.Advertisement
Check out this helpful tips:
  • Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix
  • Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® All Purpose Plant Feeding System Starter Kit
  • Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables
  • shovel or trowel
  • hose or watering can
  • plants or seedlings
Easy Steps:
  • The Easy Way: Plant Mums and Pansies
  • OR Include Natives in Your Plan
  • Provide a Healthy Home
  • Feed Your Flowers Regularly
  • Water as Needed

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway

This post brought to you by Kmart. All opinions are 100% mine.
Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg
The Christmas holiday is fast approaching and as early as now, people are starting to shop for holiday gifts. Stores are filled with various products that can be given away as Christmas gifts to loved ones and friends. Kmart understands their customers and they want to be a huge part of how the season of giving will be celebrated. They have a free layaway promotion where they will waive the $5 service fee on an 8 week contract. The Kmart layaway program comprises of four easy steps wherein customers choose the item that they want to put on a layaway, then a down payment has to be made once the contract has been initiated. Payments will then be made every two weeks and then once the payment has made in full, the customer can bring the item home. With the Kmart layaway program, customers don’t have to wait for the time when they have the full amount before they get to by what they want. If they see an item they want today, they can put the item on layaway and they can take it home once the item has been fully paid.
Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway is now ongoing where every week customers will get a chance to win their remaining layaway balance paid off. Imagine having your balance paid off and being able to take home your item sooner that you expected. Sounds great, right? I would sure like to win in one of their weekly draws and have the opportunity of taking home an item that I really want without having to pay for it in full.
BLG_Logo_Horizontal.jpg (3 documents, 3 total pages)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Grand Cayman Island | 7 Mile Beach

This is the continuation of our Grand Cayman getaway.....
After a few minutes of shopping, we took a cab going to 7 mile beach. Seven Mile Beach is not only the most popular beach on Grand Cayman Island but also one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean.
Gosh, the beach has pristine white powdery sand and the crystal clear turquoise water is so beautiful.
We rented some beach chairs and umbrella for $25. Everything cost money in Cayman Island, and expensive too because 82 cents of cayman money is equivalent to a US dollar.
We had an amazing time over there. Hubby and daughter had a blast the most. They both had so much fun under the sun, while I stayed under the umbrella most of the time.
Building a sand castle....
I really wanted to stay longer and enjoy the water, but the heat is just unbearable. I turned so dark and got some ugly tan lines in less than 2 hours.
After a few hours of enjoyment, we tried to go back to the ship on foot. I guess we walked at least 4 miles. At first we thought we were able to make it to the port, but we've decided to take a cab instead. It was an exhausting!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association

This post brought to you by NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.
There are many people in this country who suffer from disabilities. Unfortunately, many people with disabilities are unable to get around which is why you should checkout NMEDA. This organization provides people with mobility equipment dealers and manufacturers who can help get them quality products to become more mobile. They can also help find driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals who can help modify their vehicles to make them more disability friendly. One thing they do is provide quality assurance which can help you make sure that their products are built with quality. You should visit a NMEDA QAP (Quality Assurance Program) Dealer for mobility solutions to get more information on how this program can help you. The Quality Assurance Program offers many great services such as 24 hour local emergency assistance. They can even do an in-person evaluation to better understand your needs and help you find the best product for your disability. You probably won’t get this service from other dealerships. It can greatly improve your mobility if you have a wheelchair accessible vehicle because you can get in and out of it by yourself. You should visit the NMEDA’s website to see how they can help you. Why would you use another company when this company has all the information you will need to make sure your vehicle is equipped with the latest in disability technology. You can easily use their website to locate a QAP certified dealer, and you will discover shortly that they are very trustworthy.
NMEDA_LOGOScreen shot 2012-09-06 at 7.14.25 PM

Post Your Home for Sale for FREE!

This post brought to you by RealtyPin. All opinions are 100% mine.
Buying or selling a property can be a complicated and exhausting process especially for first time seller who do not have the time needed to look for the best buyers for their property or in the case of buyers, to look for the right property to purchase. We are in a buyers market right now and conditions have never been better for those looking to buy a home. This is where a real estate website such as RealtyPin is beneficial to both buyers and sellers. The website has over a million listings for sale and interactive map that can help buyers look for the property that they are looking for. They have listings of residential, commercial and even international properties. If you are looking to sell your property, you can use the website to create your own personalized home page for free. The page will feature all the essential information about the property. The property that you are selling will get all the exposure it needs since the website is visited by millions of potential buyers each day. You can even sign up using your Facebook account. RealtyPin also has helpful articles that can guide both buyers and sellers in making sure that they get the best deals out of the properties that they are trying to sell or purchase. They also have the latest news about the real estate market as well as the latest on mortgage rates. Visit RealtyPin and sign up for an account if you are searching for a property to buy or if you are planning to sell your home anytime soon. offer homebuyers and sellers a listing and search service that gives you more.
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- Search multiple trusted nationwide lenders hassle free

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Letter

I'm not much of a fan of reading. It's just not my cup of tea. But once in a blue moon I like to read books that catch my attention. I love reading books about the real struggles of real people and the many different paths of life. You know, memoir and biographies.  How about you?
Photo Courtesy: iPhone 4G via Instagram

The book I'm currently reading is "The Letter" by Marie Tillman. 

After the 9/11 attacks, professional football player, Pat Tillman shocked the sports world when he left the NFL to join the U.S. Army Rangers. Tillman was later tragically killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Here's the summary:
"In 2003, Pat Tillman, serving in the US Army, hastily wrote a "just in case" letter to his wife, Marie. When he returned on leave before his departure to Afghanistan, he placed the letter on top of their bedroom dresser. For months it sat there, sealed and ever-present, like a black hole through which Marie knew her stable life would be pulled if she ever had reason to open it. Then, in April 2004, Marie's worst nightmare came true. In the days following his death, it was Pat's letter that kept her going and, more than that, it was his words that would help her learn to navigate a world she could no longer share with her husband."

My heart goes out to all the fallen heroes, victims and survivors of the 9/11.