Friday, September 14, 2012

Grand Cayman Island | 7 Mile Beach

This is the continuation of our Grand Cayman getaway.....
After a few minutes of shopping, we took a cab going to 7 mile beach. Seven Mile Beach is not only the most popular beach on Grand Cayman Island but also one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean.
Gosh, the beach has pristine white powdery sand and the crystal clear turquoise water is so beautiful.
We rented some beach chairs and umbrella for $25. Everything cost money in Cayman Island, and expensive too because 82 cents of cayman money is equivalent to a US dollar.
We had an amazing time over there. Hubby and daughter had a blast the most. They both had so much fun under the sun, while I stayed under the umbrella most of the time.
Building a sand castle....
I really wanted to stay longer and enjoy the water, but the heat is just unbearable. I turned so dark and got some ugly tan lines in less than 2 hours.
After a few hours of enjoyment, we tried to go back to the ship on foot. I guess we walked at least 4 miles. At first we thought we were able to make it to the port, but we've decided to take a cab instead. It was an exhausting!


  1. Omg! The water is so inviting. I so love the beach! Ganda naman ng Jamaica! Sana sinama mo ko Dhemz! hahaha.. the father and daughter obviously had a great time!

    Looking forward for more lovely escapades photos! :)

  2. weeeeee... ang two piece, ibabaw ray nakit-an...pinay by heart jud ka Dhemz bisan naa ka na diha sa US haha...kalami i-ambak sa dagat oi..tin-aw kaayo...ang duha nagpa init jud, ikaw, pasilong sa umbrella hehe..kinsa tuod nag ayos anang hair ni Akesha Dhemz, ikaw lang nag himo ana??? nice kay dili samok pag swimming hehe..

    ka nindot sa inyong getaway oi..superb!!!

  3. Walking in the heat that long is sure not fun, but if it was a very fine weather, I would. hahaha.. Ka nice ba sa dagat mommy oi na miss naman nako tawn ang dagat bisan dili ko kamao mo langgoy basta lang kay maka kapa-kapa sa tubig okay na.. hehehe.. and eat tons of seafood. oh dear! Ka gwapa ni ate Akesh oi nakacorn rows hair pa. hehehe... :)

  4. These are beautiful pictures Momi Dhemz :-) The beach looks so refreshing and the sand is so white. Looks like the Daddy and daughter had a blast while Mommy is under the umbrella :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  5. Ang ganda ng place white beach talaga and the water so inviting, sexy mo sis ah :) lovely photos.

  6. The beach is so inviting! Ang linis no sis? Love all the photos!

  7. I am sooooo jealous!!! Beautiful pics!

    Happy Monday!

  8. Kanindot nalang jud sa bakasyon eskapeyds!

    I wondered why si Akesh lang ug ang Daddy had a grand time, tungod diay sa kainit. Under the umbrella ang show. Hahaha. I would do the same kay sakit kaayo ng init sa adlaw jud. :D

    BPC hop ko diri!

  9. wow so beautiful! ing ani pud unta ang beach diri sa US, dili balod. calm kaau ug puti kaau. ka nindot oi! kita dyud nimo ang mga isda. lingaw kaau mo tan awon sis Dhemz..


  10. there's no ugly tanlines ;-) please love your tan.

    just me,


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