Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Fairy Hobmother Dropped By!

Do you believe in fairies? We may be familiar with what fairies are and what they can do, but in this day and age of super computers, robots, smartphones and the internet, most people would say that fairies only exist in children’s books and movies. But do you know that there is a fairy that has been spreading joy in the blogosphere these days? And guess what? That same fairy has just visited this blog! And that makes me one happy and lucky blogger!

The fairy that has been sprinkling pixie dusts on several blogs (including this blog) is called the Fairy Hobmother. He is also very generous because he brings gifts with him every time he visits a blog. Yes, the Fairy Hobmother is a he! When he is not busy visiting blogs and bringing gifts, he can be found at Appliances Online where they have Samsung H Series RSH5SBBP American Fridge Freezer and other top of the line appliances.

Would you like to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother, too? Well, it’s easy actually, you don’t need to stand on your head or do something extraordinary. Just comment on this blog post and leave a way for him to contact you (the link to your blog would be great). He loves to read comments so make sure you leave one especially for him. You can also follow him at Twitter and give him a shout out once in a while. Good luck!


Joahna said...

Congratulations! ^_^ I hope that one day soon Fairy Hobmother will visit my blog, too. ^_^

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I have been away from blogging for the last few months but I've aready heard about Fairy Hobmother. Now that I'm back in blogging full swing, I would love to meet this fairy.

Congrats bayot. You are so lucky. I wish this generous Fairy HobMother would drop by my sites too.

My Picnic Basket said...

Congrats mommy, many bloggers have been so lucky to met the fairy, and I hope I will be the lucky one too to meet the fairy soon..

Michaelo Bryan said...

Wow! Congrats! You are indeed a one happy and lucky blogger who had been visited by the FairyHobmother! I hope he will also make my wish true ^_^

Chubskulit Rose said...

Congratulations sis, Fairy Hobmother is so generous. I hope that my blog will be visited also hehehe..

Di ba pwede sis if di magfollow sa Twitter, di na kasi ako pwede magfollow hehehe..