Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 6 | Cozumel Island, Mexico

From Jamaica to Grand Cayman, I will take you to our last destination, MEXICO! We arrived in Puerta Maya Pier at around 9:00 in the morning. After the whole custom thing we headed immediately to our final excursion.
The sisters ship: Carnival Magic and Carnival Conquest. The Carnival Conquest arrived earlier than us.
Welcome to Puerta Maya, Cozumel Island, Mexico.
The whole island was pretty crowded. People were busy looking for their tour excursion schedules while my family and I went to the opposite route. Since our excursion was outside the island, we took a ferry ride going to Playa del Carmen. The boat ride was a little bit far than we thought but it was OK.
Playa del Carmen here we come! We could have stayed there for awhile and enjoy the scenery in Playa del Carmen but we were on a tight schedule that day. Too bad!
After getting off the ferry, we were told to go directly to our tour bus going to Tulum.

To be continued....


  1. whew..that's a huge boat...musta have been a fun holiday huh... more~ :)

  2. Para na rin pala akong nagcrise nito sis, tahnks for sharing these gorgeous photos.. San kayo this weekend.

  3. huge ships! ka-nice ninyo yotch oi kay cruising2x naman :D

  4. Nindot mo nga family mag excursion tsang ky game mn sa lakaw. Nindot kaayo mo tan awon ky as in traveler jd. So, how many hours mn mo mag stay sa land before getting back on the boat bayot.

    Cruising is indeed a wonderful experience. bilib ko ni akesha ky game kaayo siya no. nindot ug single mag cruise ky daghan ma meet labi na ug single pa ta aguy ka nice daghan ma meet nga ikal

  5. yay! Viva New Mejico! I love that the Daddy and the pretty little girl wear the same color of shirt..too cute :-) I heard about Cozumel from my in-laws and what a beautiful place to explore :-) Thank you for sharing your trip with us Momi Dhemz :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  6. wow! so love the first photo! those two ships are so amazing. wish to experience riding one of those.. kanang dili lang sa mexico ang destination. kay dili ganahan si bana oi. hayz..

  7. Partnership kaayo ang mag-ama ug suot ay! Fun kaayo inyong summer break Dhemz. Super nice! :)

    BPC hop ko! Salamat kay niapil ra ka sa TT. :)

  8. Momi Dhemz Mexico is indeed a paradise :-) I like the idea that Daddy and daughter wear green shirt, are you wearing green too right? Dropping by from TT

  9. Tourists man kaayo mo ug dating Dhemz oi. Makaibog! Unta giuban mi ninyo aron daghan ta mga tourists ug dating! LOL.

    Nag-enjoy pud ko sa cruise as if I was there because of your snaps. Thanks for sharing. Mexico is nice, kung didto ka sa mga tourist attractions jud. Unta makatamak pud mi dihang dapita no? Bisan no habla Espanyol. LOL

    Up na ang TT linky for this week Dhemz! Apil ba! :)


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