Thursday, January 10, 2013

Off-Road Mazda Pickup

I believe this is the only picture I have with our old off-road pick up before we sold it to someone else. This photo was taken when I was in 2nd year college (11 years ago to be exact). The pick up was very memorable to me because my dad bought it right after I turned 18. We sold the pickup after I graduated in college, and dad replaced it with 2!
On the picture was me, my friend, my big brother (he used to be super chunky when he was single) and our deceased driver.


  1. That's nice...I miss riding sa back nang jeepney.BPC hop!

  2. Thanks for sharing this photo, Dhemz! It made me wonder if we had a photo of my father's first owner-typed jeepney...

    Visiting from BPC.

  3. It so nice to look back on old pictures. I have old pictures na lang nabilin. Luckily na salvage pa ang uban before na hurot sa anay.

    My BPC 10/365

  4. Minsan talaga masarap balikan ang nakaraan sa pamamagitan ng larawan...type ko tayaan sa suwertres lotto ang plate number na 694..baka hearing ito....hehe..

  5. old photos reminds us of the past :)

  6. Wow, super love ka talaga nina Papa mo ano sis! Love the smile!

  7. aw.. its nice to look at old photos and remember what its used to be back then.. =)

    BPC hopping here

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  9. woohoo! I love the big monster truck Momi Dhemz :-) pasakya unya mi sa inyo jeep Momi Dhemz ha :-) Dropping very late from the 10th day of BPC

  10. Yay! ka-richness diay nimo dhemz sa nagdaku ka! Among serbisyo publiko kay kurmata with kabaw or baka! O di ba, bongga! LOL.

    I bet those old good days are worth remembering! :)

    Late BPC hop! Thanks for linking this to January BPC! :)


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