Friday, March 30, 2012


Hubby and I made a decent progress on our model railroad scenery. I think we're 58% done with our our project. I believe this is the picture I shared last time.
This is how it looks right now. A camping ground! I made those pines from scratch and glued them one by one.

Last weekend, hubby and worked on the western town side and we also installed a church on top of the hill. 

This weekend hubby is planning to work on the train station. And I guess I have to work on the farm area. I will post some updates next week.
Thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avoid a High Car Insurance Quote by Following these Safety Tips

Preventing a car collision is easy if you remember to practice safe driving habits. Not only will you protect your own safety and the safety of drivers around you, you will also be rewarded with a lower car insurance quote. It’s simple really—insurance companies want to reward customers who have a history of few or no claims, as well as few moving violations.
So when you are on the road, make sure to follow these tips:
·         Don’t speed: If you are running late, avoid the temptation to speed. Studies show that driving as little as 20 miles over the speed limit can actually double the impact of a car crash. And consider this: a speeding ticket will cost you more money than any other moving violation. In addition, a speeding ticket will look bad on your driving history—one of the main factors that goes into how much you pay in car insurance.
·         Don’t drive when you are tired. There are no exceptions to this rule. Driving while very tired has similar effects to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Both being intoxicated and being extremely fatigued may inhibit your reaction time and your awareness of other drivers around you. If you are on the road and begin to feel overwhelmingly tired, find a safe spot to pull over and rest for a while.  
·         Don’t drink and drive or do drugs and drive: This one is a no-brainer, and one of the first rules we teach young drivers; however, it is staggering how many adults do not listen to their own advice—often with deadly results. Almost 275,000 people a year die from drinking and driving, and this includes innocent bystanders.  
·         Pay Attention: Set your radio dials to the correct station before you hit the road, don’t eat while driving, and don’t rubberneck at accidents. All of these activities lead to distracted driving, and distractions are one of the leading causes of collisions.
In addition to the tips above, it is very important to drive defensively, as well as avoid aggression while driving. Failing to yield, flashing your lights, tailgating, and excessive honking are all aggressive behaviors. If in doubt, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Courteous driving habits in addition to safe driving habits will earn you fewer tickets and a more reasonable car insurance quote.   

Comfy Earrings

I received this gorgeous pair of earrings from to review. It's really pretty and sparkly!
The advertiser is really nice and sent me a two pair of comfy earrings. Sweet!

How technology has changed the food world

Throughout the years, technology has changed many things that we once thought we knew well. Transportation has changed quite a bit, and although it may not be easy to see at first, the food industry has also changed a lot over the last fifty years. There are many more choices that people have in the kinds of foods that they choose to eat, and food also gets to us much more quickly than it used to many years ago. Something else that has been an agent of change in this industry is the computer.
Computers now help with things like selling food, because we now have electronic registers that help us keep track of the money that we are making, and there are even machines that help to make the foods that we love so much, and they do things much more quickly than in days gone by when everything was done by hand. Now, because of the number of people that are a part of our world, speed is everything, especially when it comes to making and serving any kind of food products, especially when it is popular.
One of the most popular items for people to eat is deserts, and one of the most popular of these deserts is cheesecake. It is something that a lot of people get enjoyment out of, and it takes a lot of time to learn how to make well. You can also do things like order cheesecake online, in order to make it easier for yourself when it comes to obtaining these kinds of deserts. There are so many different options when it comes to finding the right deserts for any occasion. There are all sorts of different occasions that call for deserts, whether it is a holiday, birthday, or anniversary.
Something else that has been affected by the world of technology is the machines that are used in order to make the foods that we enjoy. Once everything was made by hand, but today, it is much different, because of all of the technology that is available to us. There are scales that can help measure ingredients, and machines that can be used to mix them all together into large batches for consumption. The food industry has been changed forever by the addition of different technologies. This is not likely to change as time goes on.
There are many things in our world that technology has had a positive impact on. The food industry is one of these organizations that has changed the most. No longer are customers forced to wait in lines to order their favorite food products, but instead, they can place their orders online, and pick them up the same day as they order them. This is especially handy when it comes to last minute parties or events, because many times, the planning goes up until the last minute depending on the event and how much time you have to dedicate. Technology is something that we will not be able to get away from, and the progress has made life much easier.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shop for A Cause | Baby Chix Ceramic Keepsake

I was really excited when I was given the chance to review the 4 in 1 ceramic keepsake diaper from I thought it’s really fancy! This product is great for the storage of everyday necessities like Q-tips, diapers, or first aid items perfect to hold and organize all those baby books and, simply as a sweet, decorative reminder of your little one. You can also use them for display at a baby shower. You could either fill them with candy or flowers. Pretty cool right? is an online baby gift boutique filled with baby shower gifts, baby and toddler clothes, baby shower decorations and more!
This website is devoted to helping kids around the world. It means that every time you purchase an item from them, a portion of all proceeds go directly to help support children all over the world through their non-profit organization, H.O.P.E (Happiness, Opportunity, Peace, Education).
So what are you waiting for? You should visit their website today! You might want to follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wildseed Farms

How are you guys all doing? I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Our weekend was fine. We didn't go anywhere last Saturday because of "the not so good weather", we stayed at home instead and worked on our model railroad scenery. And it's doing pretty good!

Anyhow, last Sunday we decided to drive to Texas hill country to visit the beautiful place of Wildseed Farms. It's almost 2 hours away from were we live. The place is gorgeous! I love the atmosphere, and of course the spring FLOWERS!

Wildseed Farms have 200 acres of wildflowers in various stages. 
They have bluebonnets, red corn poppies, phlox, and other  gorgeous array of other spring flowers. I just love spring!

How about you? How's your weekend?

Monday, March 26, 2012

FREE Flower Delivery

Some people think that it is only on Valentine’s Day that people give flowers to the people that they care about. Flowers are excellent gift for any kind of occasion and even on days when you just want to tell someone that your remember them. It is in these instances when they will be truly appreciated. Flowers can be used to express different kinds of emotions such as love, admiration and respect. They can be also sent to those who need comfort during difficult times.
Oriental Breeze 
If you are in need of beautiful flower arrangements to give to a loved one and you do not have the luxury of going to a flower shop, you can order for them online. Some even have next day deliveries which is excellent for those who may be pressed for time and want flowers delivered next day. High quality plant care and excellent flower arrangement skills make it possible for them to provide unique flower arrangements.

Online Business Solutions

For newer businesses, a website can allow them to make their mark in the industry where they belong. It is an avenue where will be able to showcase and introduce to their target market what their products and services are and why they should choose them over their competitors. They can utilize the services of a ny web design firm that can create an effective website for them. They have the experience and expertise that are essential in providing their clients the type of website that they particularly need.
Creating a website for your business is an excellent way for you create a stable online presence as well as provide you with an excellent advertising opportunity. Most businesses have recognized the benefits of having a website that will allow them to maintain a relationship with their clients.
The website wireframe that they will create will focus on important subjects such as the type of information that the website will contain and the range of functions that will be available to the users of the site.

Stop Debt Collection Harassment Now!

Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful and overwhelming especially for consumers who do not know what their rights are. If you are being harassed by collectors and you want to be able to stop collection harassment California, you can consult a lawyer and refer your case to them. Educate yourself on what your rights are as a consumer. Know what these debt collectors can do within the boundaries of the law. Certain practices such calling you several times at home or at your workplace, giving you countless of letters with threatening messages and even telling others about your debt especially for the purpose of humiliating you are enough grounds for you to file a case against debt collectors and the agency they represent. Hire a competent lawyer that can best defend your rights as a consumer and can help you stop collection harassment for good. Your lawyer can help you gather all the necessary documents and proofs that you can present to the court. These proofs will be able to give you a favorable outcome for your case against abusive debt collection agencies. You might want to check out their website today for more details. So what are you waiting for?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


One of the things I love about my daughter is that she loves to pick wildflowers and bring them to me. It melts my heart! She brought some wildflowers today from our backyard, and this is one of them.Thanks anak!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Expand 'n Gro!

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.
Gardening enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for products that can help them make their plants grow healthier and their flowers bloom more beautifully will surely be excited about a product called Expand ‘n Gro. Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Grow is a unique blend of natural coir and Miracle-Gro Plant Food. It helps the plant grow regardless of whether they are planted on the ground or in a container. It absorbs 50% more moisture compared to regular soils. It feeds plants for up to six months allowing them to thrive more that when they are planted using regular soil alone. Expand ‘n Gro™ can be purchased in compact bags which you can easily carry as you work around your garden. It is also easy to use whether on the ground or in a container. You just need to spread an ample amount on the ground and work it into the natural soil. After that, you can start planting as you normally would. In using them in containers, you just have to fill up a quarter of the container with Expand ‘n Gro then add water. Check out this amazing product and you will get to see how it can help your plants thrive more.Advertisement

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacation Money

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

I told my husband we really need to Shop electricity Rates Texas. We really need to find away to cut some of our costs down. With the way things are right now, we are going to be getting into debt very soon. We have been going on a big vacation every summer and if we don't start saving for this year's vacation, then we may not get to go on one. Except that I know that even if we say that, it will become summer and my wife will tell me, "Our kids HAVE to see the ocean!" and she will talk me into taking a beach vacation. And that is how we will get into debt. I am thinking if we can get a fixed rate, we can save enough each month for our vacation. That is one nice thing about living in Texas. It may be hot as Hades in the summer, but you can turn the air conditioner down as low as you need to without paying an arm and a leg.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend Gateaway | Sherwood Forest

Hi, how've you been? I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend was great. We supposed to watch the St. Patrick's day parade last Saturday but we went to a different route instead, and drove 2 hours to Sherwood's Forest Faire in McDade.
It's my first time going to this kind of event. I really like it actually. I felt like I was back in time...the Medieval times!
We get to met Robin Hood and Maid Marian of course!
My family and I enjoyed wandering around.  Lots of entertainment and shows everywhere! I think my favorite show was probably the Knights of Mayhem's jousting show.
Green Eyes Gypsy
The entertainment was awesome, the elves, fairies, kings, queens, knights and centaur were all so into character with all their antics. I really love the whole concept!
The little Miss came home with a wooden shield and sword. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


An alternative to regular cigarettes are now being made available to cigarettes smokers. This is called an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are electrical devices that stimulate the act of tobacco smoking without the odor and health risks of actual tobacco smoking. They come in portable packaging which can be carried anywhere allowing a cigarette smoker to use it whenever they want. For most smokers, cigarette smoking can be somewhat limiting since there are certain areas where they are not allowed to smoke. There are also instances when they do not want others to be exposed to second hand smoke. With e-cigarettes, only vapors will be produced and these vapors disappear after a few seconds. There isn’t any offensive smell so a smoker does not have to worry when someone is near when they are using their e-cigarettes. E-cigarette starter packs can be bought online with many different flavors being made available to interested customers.

Shop More, Pay Less!

The internet has made a huge impact on how people do certain things. Information can be shared and accessed instantly allowing internet users to accomplish different things at a shorter amount of time. Internet has also changed the way people can shop for the things they need. Online shopping has allowed consumers to shop for everything they need at the comfort of their own home. They can shop whenever they want even at odd hours at night when most commercial stores are already close. Entrepreneurs are also given an opportunity to reach a wider market through their online stores. With millions of internet users who go online every day, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to give their brands and products the wider exposure they need. Nowadays, there are online stores for just about every kind of merchandise, including food items, clothing and accessories like sperry boat shoes cheap for every age group, appliances, furniture, home decorations and other similar items. Shoes and cheap sperry variety are available in a variety of design and sizes. Looking for table runners cheap shoes can be made easier just by going online and browsing through various online shops.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way -
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
~Author Unknown

Love the Sport

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy
Gosh, I just love football. My son’s actually playing in college right now which means we’re on the road a lot at his games but it’s just nice that we get to watch any of the action. I can’t lie, though, and say I’m not missing all the other games I usually watch on Saturdays – there’s something to be said for parking yourself in front of the directv eureka with a cold one and a good chair and just watching football for hours and hours on end. I know that sounds lazy but it’s how I relax…I work really hard during the week and I just don’t feel like it’s a bad thing for me to want to spend some time alone. I know that sounds silly but at the end of the day I just want to veg out with my favorite teams and eat. But I digress. We’re all incredibly proud of Cameron, my son, and I’m happy to travel to every one of his games he’s able to get us tickets sets to.

Photo Session

Hi everyone, I hope y'all are fine. I must admit, I have not been writing personal stuff much at all lately on my blogs and not returning your visits. Well except for paid reviews...:) I know I have a lot of things to catch up on. I hope to visit you guys in return pretty soon.

Anyhow, daughter and I had a great time at the park the other day. She was having a good time riding her bike while I was busy taking pictures of some random flowers and weeds. When we're about to leave, I asked her to take a picture of me. Actually, she took a bunch of photos but some of them are half body! Thanks anak for the fun photo session.
Photos were taken by my 5-year old daughter. Edited in PICASA.

UK Double Glazing

Most homeowners would agree that there is no reason why you should scrimp on the materials that will be used in the construction of their houses. The quality of materials that will be used will make a huge difference on how sturdy that structure will be. As a homeowner, you should keep yourself updated on the latest technology that is being used in home construction. There are cost effective ways of building a home that your family can live in for a very long time. You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive materials. You just have to be properly informed on what kinds of materials are most suitable for your home. Take for instance, your windows. Most of us are used to single pane windows. But if you want a kind of window that does not easily shatter, you can use double glazed windows for your home. You can check out all double glazing prices to know which suppliers offers quality but affordable double glazed windows. Double glazed windows are also an excellent way to lower your house heating consumption since they do not allow heat to escape easily. So what are you waiting for? You should visit them today for details.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Used Engines

When a car suffers major engine damage, most car owners would usually think of buying a new car instead of just replacing the engine. But for those whose car is still in good condition and they only have to replace the car’s engine, buying Woodfins used engines is the most practical step to do. Used engines cost far less that new engines or new cars for that matter. If you are not sure of what exact model to buy, you can go to reputable dealer that specializes in used car engines. They can tell you exactly which engine is the most suitable for your vehicle. Buying from reputable dealer poses a lesser risk of buying a used engine that will not work as they should. They can replace the engine for you if you lack the skills and knowledge of doing it on your own. They can also guide you on how to properly maintain your engine to maximize its use.

Rabbit Air Purifiers

Most people do not like to stay outdoors for a long time because they are afraid of the effects of air pollution to their health. Not many of them know, however, that there are also pollutants that are present in the air indoors. These pollutants can cause some of the most common upper respiratory illness, asthma, colds and allergic reactions.
If you are worried about the effects of these pollutants and allergens to your family’s overall health, you can use Rabbit Air Purifiers at home. Air purifiers have filters that can catch potentially harmful pollutants that may be present in the air. It can help improve the quality of air that your family breathes. This means that there is a lesser risk for your family to catch common viruses. Your family’s health will greatly improve because of the improvement of the quality of air in your home. Once you have purchased the most suitable air purifier that you can use at a particular room in your home, you will be able to provide a healthier indoor environment for your family.
I might have to convince my husband to get one of those air purifiers I saw at Do you have an air purifier at home?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party Invitations

Planning your children’s birthday can be quite stressful especially if you want the party to be as memorable and successful as it can be. Your child’s birthday is a milestone that you want to celebrate and you want to express you joy by hosting a party that everyone will enjoy. Hosting a party can be overwhelming especially for a first time host and there is nothing embarrassing about asking help from others. You can ask other parents who have hosted children’s parties before for suggestions and advices. Their input can be very helpful in making you prepare for the party better. You can also ask them where you can purchase the party essentials that you may need like decorations and party invitations. You can get savings from your purchases if you know where you can buy them at prices that are lower than those sold at commercial retailers.
It is important that you have a checklist of the items that you will to purchase and the things that you need to do like booking for the proper party venue. A checklist will keep you focused on what you still need to accomplish. It can also help you gauge how much time and resources you will need to have everything that you need for the party. Printed materials such as invitations, tarpaulin, guest books and name tags should be attended to in advance. Once you follow everything on your checklist, you will be able to attend to every aspect of the party.
Since my daughter’s 6th birthday is coming up, II might have to check out for party invitation ideas. This website has tons of selection for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, holiday parties, graduations and themed celebrations. You should visit them too! So what are you waiting for?

Monday, March 12, 2012

February | Top 10 EC Droppers

I'm featuring (late) the 10 following Entrecard users who dropped their card on my site the most in the last 29 days. Thanks a lot guys!

Wedding Decorations

The wedding decorations that you will use will create the right mood that you want for your wedding. If you are looking for wedding decoration ideas, those that are fresh and haven’t be seen in most wedding ceremonies, you can just browse websites that feature the latest trends on weddings and wedding decorations. You can either use the same decorations that you see or just get inspiration from them and create your own unique wedding decorations.
So if you are looking for a great place to get wedding decorations and other wedding accessories, why not visit Weddingstar! Weddingstar is not just a retail store for wedding products, they also design and manufacture the majority of the wedding accessories that they sell including like cake toppers, wedding favors and many more.

Wedding Cake Toppers

In most wedding receptions, the wedding cake is something that serves as the centerpiece of the whole room. In most instances, the main theme of the wedding reception is based on the design of the wedding cake. It can be a big cake with unique wedding cake toppers or a medium sized cake with intricate design. For most people though it is not about how big or small the cake is but how beautifully designed it is that makes it unique.
For more wedding decoration ideas and other wedding accessories, you might want to check out Weddingstar today! So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of my Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Giveaway provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark. The winner will receive a Crayola Washable Colored Bubble Launcher and 3-pack Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles. Congrats Genny Kendall! Thanks to all who participates!
I also would like thank Crayola and MyBlogSpark for featuring this blog on Facebook page. It is just so flattering and I'm honored.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Aside from bags, clothes and shoes....HATS is one of my obsessions! What's yours?

Some of my favorite hats! Photo was captured by iPhone via instagram.
My entry for this week's ABC Wednesday, letter H.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


How are y'all doing? I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our weekend was quite a busy one. Aside from shopping to hobby store, home depot and the commissary, hubby and I spent most of our weekend at the garage.
We've been working on our hobby every Saturday, and this week we've made a little progress on our railroad scenery. We built a lake! For the liquid, we used the E-Z water brand.

We're not quite there yet but we are working on it.

Web Designs

For a quality website that attracts customers, you should consider hiring a company that has
experience in website design and ECommerce solutions. These companies are experienced in Affiliate Marketing and would have the experience you would need. You need to hire a company that has experience with affiliate marketing along with ECommerce solutions and SEO. Improving your SEO is critical in increasing your clientele and your companies revenue. There are a lot of different ECommerce Solutions you can consider, but one solution that interests me is starting an eshop. Many people today are making a lot of money from creating an eshop. When you decide to create your own website, you should think about how you can make a quality website design. You might need to hire a website designer to help you with your design because the look of your website is very important. You should look online to find a company that specializes in website designs and ECommerce solutions. So what are you waiting for?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Classic Fire Truck

Gotta love this classic fire truck. It's one of a kind!
Photo was taken at SA Rodeo and Stockshow.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review | Funny Irish T-Shirt

It's already March! I can't believe how time flies super fast. Well, as for the month of March, I have two things I look forward to: the St. Patrick's Day River Parade and the Spring Festival. Here in San Antonio, visitors can partake in scrumptious treats while enjoying the festive floats and engaging Irish music. It’s during this parade that the river is transformed with eco-friendly green dye. Have you ever seen a green river before? You should come and visit San Antonio during St. Patrick's day!
Since St. Patrick's day is coming up, I've been browsing some cool green shirts online. Good thing I was given the opportunity to work with They sent me a complimentary funny Irish t-shirt in return for a fair review. So I let my husband tried it on, and he loved it! I guess I don't have to worry about buying him a new green shirt. Thanks a lot Kiss My Shamrock!

So if you are wondering where to find for Funny Irish T-Shirts for Shamrock Day, you should not look any further because has it all. So what are you waiting for? You should visit them today for more details.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Maternity Clothes

null (Multi Col) Maternity Paisley Print Maxi Dress | 248388299 | New Look
Pregnant women prioritize comfort over other things when choosing their maternity clothes. With the many body changes and discomforts that they have to deal with, wearing comfortable clothes is a must for them. It is also ideal if they choose night wear that are made in all-natural fabric such as cotton that will allow them to sleep comfortably. Getting enough sleep is important if they want to have a healthy pregnancy and having comfortable sleep wear can contribute to this.
Purple (Purple) Mama·licious Chiffon Frill Dress | 233965850 | New Look
Those who still choose to work during the early stages of their pregnancy should invest in maternity clothes that will allow them to move around comfortably without being restricted with the clothes that they wear.

Maternity clothes come in various designs and styles. There are those that are ideal for everyday wear while some are suitable for office wear. With so many designs available, pregnant women can still look stylish even while wearing maternity clothes. They can still express their own personal style through the maternity clothes that they wear.

Affordable Car Insurance Rates

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to acquire car insurance. It is not only for your own safety but for others as well. You may think that you do not need car insurance because you are a careful driver and you’re not likely to get into a major car accident. But you have to understand that car insurance gives you the financial security you need in case you get involved in road accidents. The money that you have to spend on car repairs and the medical treatment and hospital care of everyone involved in an accident can amount to a huge sum. You may not have to the funds that you need when this happens.

Find a reliable car insurance provider that can give you affordable car insurance rates. Make sure that the policy you acquire gives you the coverage that you need. You may choose to get a policy that gives you only the basic coverage or a policy that contains additional benefits.