Monday, December 17, 2012

USAA's Annual Christmas Party 2012

Hubby and I had wonderful night last Saturday. It was like out 2nd night out of the! We went to his company's annual Christmas party. The event was really huge! There were more than 14,000 people attended the big event.
This year's theme was Fire and Ice. There were plenty of food & drinks and not to mention the 53,000 desserts served during the party. It was really awesome!
Meet my newly found Indian friend, Kavitha. She used to work at USAA and now she's working at Bank of the America. Her husband is hubby's office mate. She's very nice and friendly. 


Lainy said...

You do look so fab and chic, Dhemz! I so love the sexy strappy sandals.

14, 000 attendees??? Whoaaa! That's a huge crowd with 53, 000 desserts! Amazing!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Awww! You both look hot and gorgeous/handsome couple Momi Dhemz and wow! that is one huge party to attend :-) I am glad that you and hubby had a date night, that is so sweet :-) Who watch the pretty Akesha? Thank you for sharing this to BPC mwah

Pretty Kat said...

haguy! karon pa ko kadungog ug ingon ana kadako nga Christmas party.. labaw pa may pyesta sa baryo... ang foodie, sigurado maglibog ka kung unsay unahon ug kaon waaaa..

nice kaayo imo outfit Dhemz, ang shoes, sus, iship na diri be.. lol

oi, kanang imong Indian friend, amigoha na pag-ayo kay basig maka loan ta ug money sa BA kuk.

Rcel said...

Wow! That was a huge party Dhemz no? Di na mo magkitaay sa imong kaila kung lagyo mo gilingkoran. Asa si Akesh? Wala ninyo nauban?

Anyway, you look gorgeous sa imong outfit Dhemz! Love your sandals oi! Ipa-photocopy nato na bi? Size 7 ko. :P

BPC hop!

Unknown said...

Donya kaayo ka ug look bayot. you look fabulous. love the whole get up. Looks like it a big even. kadaghan sa tao d i sa. Kinsa mn bilin ni akesha bayot.

It's fun meeting new people and experience socializing with people from different walks of life.

Mas nindot ana bayot ug naay isa diha moingon nga do you want to work in a bank ill back you up hahahahhahaha.

lili ko kadali diri tsang. musta inyo weather diha, sge ulan ning among langub uy. kisses and regards

Chubskulit Rose said...

You look great sis!

Rovie Aguis said...

Grabe ang 14,000 guests and 53,000 desserts? Dili nako ma imagine how huge the party is. Pwde kaha mag bring home? Hahaha

You and your hubby look fab Mommy D. :)

Chie said...

Gorgeous couple. I like your outfit sis..labi na ang shoes og clutch bag. It sure was a big event kay grabe kadaghan sa ni-attend.