Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The American Flag

The American flag represents a democratic country and all its history, beliefs and values of its people. It also represents the country’s various accomplishments throughout the year. It is also a symbol of a nation’s pride and American spirit. Just like most flags from other countries, the American flag represents its history. The 13 red and white stripes that you see in them represent the original thirteen colonies. The american flag also helps ignite hope and love for the country and its people especially during trying times such as when the country is undergoing a natural calamity. A flag that is being proudly displayed in front of a home does not only represent the love of country that a person has but also encourages those who see it to never lose hope and triumph over any adversity.
The respect that the people have for the American flag speaks of the respect that they have to the men and women who have made sacrifices to build and protect the country’s freedom. There is a flag etiquette that people must adhere to fully show the respect that they have to the flag and in what it symbolizes.
20x38' American Flag - Nylon
It is important to choose quality flags particularly that will be displayed outdoors. You will need durable flags that can withstand the different elements that will be exposed to. This includes the extreme heat, wind and rain. A flag made from durable fabrics will not get easily torn in whatever type of weather condition it may be exposed to. There is a supplier of quality nylon flags that has been in the flag industry for years. They are a trusted dealer of flags from major flag manufacturers. They also offer other services such as flagpole installation and flagpole maintenance. Through them, you will be able to proudly display an American flag in your home or business establishment.


  1. That's a gorgeous structural building sis with flag as its focal point!

  2. Now I have learned something about the American Flag which will help me should I tale the Citizenship test! :D Good information about the American flag, Dhemz! :)

  3. The flag is a very important symbol of every nation and every single one of it ha its own admirable and interesting stories behind it.

    I have learned a lot about America and the country's symbol through this post Mommy Dhemz!

  4. Displaying a flag outside one's home is one way of telling others his/her love for the country. Back home, I used to do that.

  5. You provide very useful information here about the American flag. I am very partial to information.

  6. Do you want to to distinguish those patriotic individuals? They are citizens who show love and respect for their own flag. Nalala ko tuloy yung isang film where the soldiers get their fighting will each time they look up to their war-torn flag.

  7. Informative! now I know the history of american flag:)

  8. thanks for sharing the information about the american flag, some people used it for decorative purposes though. =(

  9. LOVE it when someone is so proud of their country and its history...

  10. Mabuhay!!! he hehe aw i salute to the flag og the USA d i hehehe.

    i want to buy a flag kanang gamay nga ibutang sa gawas sa balay ky we have a place to hang flags though bahala ug dili ko taga diri ehehehe


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