Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wire is the best show

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

When I got my mobile internet from last year, the first thing I wanted to do was watch episodes of my favorite show, The Wire, through Netflix online. The Wire was on HBO and though it ended in 2008, it’s probably one of the better TV series that’s ever been made.
I’m only two season in so far, but the series basically revolves around the seedy underbelly of Baltimore, Maryland. One side of the story focuses on the cops and the other on the criminals, which makes for a really interesting dichotomy. There’s one character on the show, Omar, who’s just fascinating as he’s the ringleader of one of the big gang fronts. I also like one of the police officers, McNulty, because he’s really human and shows how difficult it is to be on the right side of the law. I can’t wait to get a few more seasons in because each episode just keeps getting better and better! I’m so glad someone recommended the show to me and


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mahilig ka rin pala mag subaybay ng isang tv show..

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

aguy maayo paka bayot naka timing ug GP naunsa si bv nihit naman ang gp