Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks Cole Family

I received a parcel a week ago. I was surprised because I knew I did not order anything online. The box was filled will Filipino goodies! Ayay! Thanks to Mel Cole of the "Jolly Toes" for sending the package. You surprised me yotch!
Mel and her loving family lives in Warren, PA. She is a simple mom and a very down to earth person. She is blessed with so many talents and abilities, but her first blessing is her family and the love they share. 
Thanks for sharing your blessings yotch! It's not even Christmas! Babawi nalang ako sayo next time.


  1. Ohhh.. so sweet of her. You are lucky to have such friend.

  2. Nakakatuwa naman kayo. Nagsi share talaga kayo nang Pinoy goodies among close friends. Mabait talaga si tocayo at very family oriented. Natutuwa ako sa loving kindness nila sa isa't isa. Parang palaging nasa honeymoon stage si tocayo at hubby niya, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Weeee, I received mine a couple of days ago too, di ko pa napopost, wait ko pa for mellow yellow weeeee. Sowi yotch hehehe... Tsalamat sa atong donor lol..

  4. Hoi yotch, maulaw man sab ta ani oi. hehehe, ginagmay raman ning ako yot. Passing the blessings ra pud na nako kay na-grasyahan ko ninu ni chubskulit sa DA niagi. Taymingan pud nga gaan akong bulsa mao nang nakapada. Adto ko nakapalit sa ana, para nako, rare makit-an nang sa mga Asian stores namo nang products nga made from Philippines. Palamuot ra pud ta ani oi. What are friends are for...:-)

  5. awww how nice naman, bait talaga ni inday Mel. lili ko kadali diri bayot. brb

  6. You are so blessed, Dhemz! Sarap ng cracklings and nagaraya hehehe

  7. So sweet of are so blessed Dhemz to have a friend like Mel.

  8. Wow Nagaraya! Enge ako sis :)

    Sis, if you have time, join ka naman sa giveaway ko :D (


  9. What a nice surprise!
    So kind of Mel :)

    Have a great weekend, Dhemz

  10. ay ka sweet ni Mel...hehe naa pa jud ako fav na salt & vinegar na cracklings...manluspad na land gud ko lips ug kina0n ana Dhemz hehe.

    kung di lang mahal pa-package, padalhan ta sad mo diha bah, kaso pag adto nako sa P.O. 1,400 man ang kilo, ahak, kamahal...mahal pa ang padala kaysa sa halaga ng ipadala....hehe

    oi BTW: abi nako nahalin na tong blog...haha..oo oi, interested pa japon kay naa na koy hosting kay mabel..hehe

  11. Ang agap naman ng pachristmas ni sis mel ... My pampaputi pa heheh ..

  12. wow ang daming goodies, hehehe mapura jud ka ana dhemz

    SAHM’s Online Diary

  13. Quick visit again here Dhemz! I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  14. hehehe so sweet of Mel, naa pa gyud likas beauty soap. You are a good friend Dhemz, that's why many people love you.

  15. kabuotan ni mel. cge mog exhange gift dha ha..

  16. Wow, mura mani ug sulod sa akong grocery cart... hahahah... sweet naman ni Mel...

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