Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Photo was taken in the Philippines, 01/10. Evacuation area.

We passed this evacuation area on the way to my parent's village.


  1. oizzt madam sis, asa mn ni dapit? Sa Manila? :-(

  2. Asa ni dapita nga evacuation tsang sa Mindanao ni? Maynlng sd ni siya kysa exkwelahan magtapun ug dili healthy.

    Karon pko kalaag tsang uy preha ta giataki sa tapuls haaay wala naman gd atangan sa ss nahurot naman ug bench waaaa.

    Wala mi plans this weekend, balay ra intawn yamumuk lol Enjoy sa inyong weekend tsang, kisses to akesha.

  3. lami raba mopuyo ani kay bugnaw labi na sa bukid sis heheh, pahangin dayon kuyakoy, kaon saging nga hinog og di gani bulanghoy, tulog dayon... agoy kalami sa life.

  4. Hi Dhemz! You're in my Beautiful Blogger awards list. Please visit my site to get your badge.

    Have a great day!

  5. Wow, it's not everyday that shots like this are taken, but it sure tells a story being it is on your way to your parent's village.

    Thanks for sharing my dear friend!

  6. Hay, I really look forward to seeing kung kailan makabangon ang Pilipinas ! or maybe it will just remain as a dream.

  7. hi sis musta po? tagal ko di nag blog but im back in business now lol. in gonna need ur help po. i just had a baby 2 weeks ago so ready na ulit me magblog.

  8. Kawawa naman ang mga inilikas diyan(:

  9. What a dramatic picture...very nice shots!

  10. nice shots.

    Maayo kay naa may evacuation centers sa inyo dhemz, sa amo tawon magtapon lang sa simbahan ug eskuylahan..

  11. ooooooo.........awesome take......the cloud looks so clear.....


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