Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stink'n Virus

I am so pissed! Gosh, I have trouble getting rid of this stink'n virus! I would like to apologize to all my friends in yahoo who received a link virus earlier. I am asking your favor if you guys still receive the link, please don't open it. It's a virus!

What happened was...earlier before we left the house I downloaded a new version of Yahoo Messenger (YM 10)..then when we got home, I got a lot of instant messages and emails from my friends about the virus link. I am so mad! I should not have downloaded the new version. I think my account got hacked!

Sorry guys if I am not able to blog hop this time. I have to deal with this issue first, have to scan my computer and will restore my old yahoo messenger. Thanks for the visit! Will blog hop tomorrow for sure....:)


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Dhemz! I hope you can fix it right away:)

  2. nakoooo good luck ate dhemz hope wala na yung virus sa pc mo. ;)

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  4. Mao ba tsanng, sus mayra gyud d i wala ko mag check saakong yahoo, ug wala ko mag down load download.

    Sorry to hear about the virus, aguy mga kagid judna sila no. Thanks for the reminders bayot.

    last friday, my husband too got a call from his collegue nga naa daw virus saiyang email. Kinsa mn sge panghatag aning virus ba nga magpataka ra man ug pasanay.

    ka mga badlongon gyud kaayo uy. Maayo ra putlan ug tumoy heheh gipakatawa ratika tsang. hala hope you get rid of that stinkin freakin virus. kisses andhugs.

  5. haguy Dhemz, kung na hacked imo email account..i-change password dayon imo mga FB..etc kay si Amy na hacked iya email add..sus, iya amiga kay nailad, nakuhaan ug $500 kay nagilad nga sya daw si Amy...adto kay amy aron kabalo ka sa iya story. kung wala ka link sa iya, naa sya didto sa ako blog roll without EC.

    unaha sa na...ayaw lang sa blog hop

  6. awwww...take two..kanang guitarbench sa top dropper nimo...ayaw na i-open sa karon kay naay virus pod...ako na na sya gi-delete sa ako momsplace kay naa virus.

  7. oh i hope you'll get it fixed soon. i know how annoying can it be. it happened to me in YM one time, i was embarrassed coz people were messaging about the link that i supposedly sent them but i didnt send anything. it was some kind of an advertisement to some kind of diet control pills. gosh! it was humiliating! i hate viruses.

  8. Dhemz, this has been going on with YM for awhile, and that's why I'm skeptical about downloading anything extra with my own YM.

    Unfortunately, I've known three people that have had their YM account hacked already this year.

    I understand the frustration. I hope it can be fixed soon my friend!

  9. thanks for the reminder dhemz..nang hanas na jud og ataki ning virus..unsaon nalang...

  10. ah mao diay to, YN pala; ako sad PC ng ka virus, maayo na lang kay akong bana gi scan niya to kay wa ko mabuhat ato uy....

    siguro nga YM kay gi update sad nako to...wahhh

    unta ma fixed na imong pc ug mawala na yung virus...kainis eh

  11. uschhh...hope it will be fix sooner. take care!

  12. hapit na sad ko diha, giunahan lang naku cya. mga pinoy man na ba gina-hack man nila karamihan ang mga nasa abroad para makanakaw.

    Diha sa Ym kay link lang na cya, kpg pinindot mo automatic makuha nila imong account sa YM og email. ayaw pag click sa mga link nga gihatag sa imong mga YM friends kay mga hackers man to sila.

    baka dili na nimo mabawi imong account sis, try na lang sa edit account and answer mo mga question dun para makapasok ka uli then change na nimo PW.

  13. That is good to know, i also got attacked, when people leave messages they can copy and paste bad things into the comment box, i removed my comment box.

    I also noticed a person named auto follow joined under google friend connect and when the person joined they left a auto follow program that took new followers. Like people do not understand what they joined.

    I have also had someone change the links in my site to go to their site.

    Now that i read your post and vented like a crazy man, i feel better.

    Have a great day!

  14. Hello sis, naku patayin mo agad yang virus na yan hehehe..

    Daan lang ako sandali bago umuwi sa haybol naming walang internet and phone.. Wala kaming connection til March 1 wahhhh..

  15. Oiiiist PR2 ka na pala hehehe kelan pa yan, ngayon lang kasi ako gumamit ng IE kaya ngayon ko lang nakita.

  16. Kalooy sad ako hinoon wa gyd ko gadownload agi ko diria.

  17. whew... mommy demz.. try downloading avast pro you can download one in its a forum ive known for years and its free..:)

    im sure it'll pretty much help as well...

    but you can try restoring your pc to the last config. try this... go to C:/windows if your using xp..

    then system32

    then look for restore.

    first double click on srdiag. that'll collect info about your last config na wala ang virus.

    then if mahuman na.. click on rstrui.. then choose restore pc to an earlier time then choose the date na wala pa virus...then just wait for it to restart,

    and hopefully when it turns itself back on. it will give you a prompt that it was indeed successful.:)

    sorry teh nag litanya ko..:)


  18. awww... so sad Dhemz, haven't opened YM too, kill it soon...hehe!
    I'm preparing to go na next week, thanks for the concern, God bless

    His Unfailing Love

    My Memories and Crystals

  19. Mao ba? Thanks sa reminder. Nakadawat sab ko virus gkan sa akong friend, pero wala nako gi-abli. Hadlok ko ana. Dili ra ba ko kahibalo mo-utingkay aning pc. :(

  20. Hang in there is the risk and price we all pay for just going online...we are here and we understand...kick that viruses butt :)

  21. Oh no!!Marami na pala kayong na attack ng virus na yan!!Hope it will fix sooner dear!!Ang hirap ma-virus!!(T_T)

  22. Yikes! Have you resolved it already Dhemz? Oo nga, nakakainis yang mga virus na yan. I had an experience with that too, nagdownload ako ng upgraded version of a software, turns out it was a virus pala. Sana naman okay na computer mo.

  23. Same thing happen to hubby few weeks ago. He received a link from my niece and because he knew who the sender was, he opened it. Nagka virus gyud iyang pc. then we informed sa akong niece. na hacked gyud iyang account ug ni automatic to ang link ug sent to all her contacts. Maayo lang gani kay Ok na karon.

    I hope Ok na imong pc..

  24. bakit sa akin sis di nmn kc dinownload ko yung new version ng yahoo tagal na pero never nmn so glad ha ha dahil always got virus badly last few months but now ok na

  25. bakit sa akin sis di nmn kc dinownload ko yung new version ng yahoo tagal na pero never nmn so glad ha ha dahil always got virus badly last few months but now ok na

  26. naku buti na lang sis d ko binuksan,,kasi naisip bakit something wrong dun sa so delete ko kaagad tapos nasa spam pa cya. kasi before naman pag nag email ka ok naman.. so. buti naman at naalis mo na ang virus... god bless...


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