Friday, February 19, 2010

The 50th Wedding Ceremony

Today it is very rare to see two people giving their hearts to each other, unconditionally. I think that's what true love really is. It's not this fairytale life that never knows pain, but it's two souls facing it together and diminishing it with unconditional love.

I just want to get the message across to my grandparents as to how much they mean to us all and that their could never be anyone anywhere more precious to us than them. They are just the kind of parents/grandparents that my friends would tell me they wished they had, even if they were strict with us as we grew up. No matter what their kids got into, they never turned their back on them. Even after all their kids got married and moved out, my grandparents still make sure they're all fine. Despite the roller coaster ride on their marriage, the story of my grandparent's union is a proof that sacrifice, commitment, and love will indeed go a long long way.

Here's a slideshow for yah! You can also visit my Facebook photo album to view some of the photos. Thanks!


  1. wow congratulations to them hehehe

  2. waaaa.....ka gwafa ni Akesha...

    nice kaayo imo slide show Dhemz kaya lang paspas kaayo..slow down daw gamay be kay di ko ka tutok kay kulot nyahahaha.

    hala ana unta ta tanan no! nga ang marriage muabot jud ug 50 or more...bahala naay roller coaster life basta together pa rin...

    great post Dhemz...inspirational kaayo..


  3. Awwww ka sweet ni lola ug lolo, maayo unta moabot akong marriage ug 50 years no, haaay mura doubtful ko, ky karon palang gikapoy nku adjust intawn.

    Mao na naka bilib sa atoa tsang ky bisag pobre ta didto, labing mn ug mo last sd jud ang marriage ky wala mn divorce waaaa, bitaw uy mo last ky puro mn mo pa sensya nya, naa sd ka laagan ug ka sharan sa mga probs gd. Dili preha diri nga mura muboto ka ug maglagot ky maluom, mao divorce dayon ug magbugno lol.

    happy 50th wedding anniversary sa imu grand parents again tsang. yan ang da[pat tularan hehe
    kisses sa kulot bayot mwah!

  4. galing nmn at they 50 years, congrats for them kainggit nmn at may lola ka pa din

  5. 50th! wow, we are not even halfway to it. congratultions.

  6. Mao jud dhemz talagsa ra nga mag-abot ang couple sa dani ka dugay nga kaminyoon nga both of them are still here on earth. I am very happy for your grandparents. Congratulations to them. Ka-sweet nila oi.

  7. HI! Wow! it is indeed a million milestone to reach 50 yrs being married. It is something that we filipinos are always up to. the forever together. however dear...I was just wondering is your husband has a permit to conduct a marriage ceremony? coz as far as my knowledge is concern a person that can only do that are either be the priest, minister or ung sa civil register a person that has the authority, with permit to do so? isn't it? correct m if i am wrong then...

  8. Ang sweet, congrats to lolo and lola :)

  9. Hehehe.. kuratan si Zuveena nga si Greg ang nag-kasal madam sis.. hehehe.. bitaw oi whatever it is basta nmn lang ang renewal ky wla mn divorce sa atoa, meaning for celebration purposes nlng dba.. so go go go! hehehe.. madala-dala ra na^ Zuveen.. hehehe..happy 50th wedding anniversary to your grandparents.. muahhhh!

  10. Congratulations to your Grandparents,Mommy Dhemz!!So happy for them and sweet pa rin kahit na may edad na sila.Very inspiring,sana umabot din kami ng ganyan!!^_^

  11. Congratulations and best wishes to your grandparents on their 50th golden wedding anniversary. Nakakatuwa talaga na ang isang marriage ay tatagal nang ganuong katagal. Kami nang misis ko ay dapat 25th silver wedding anniversary namin sa April 25 this year. Matagal ko nang binalak na magkaroon kami nang renewal of marriage vows pero hindi matutuloy kasi hindi makakabalik si misis dahil hindi pa ayos ang papeles niya. Kapag bumalik siya dito ay hindi na siya makakabalik sa America. Ganun kasi, kailangan naming magtiis pareho. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. Ang galing naman! Congratulations to your Lolo and Lola! That's quite an achievement, being together and staying as in love with each other as it was before.

  13. wow congratulations to them! that's great!!! i admire strong and lovely couples like that. no matter what they stayed married and still in love, what an accomplishment!

  14. Ang saya saya naman ng celbraciones. Oo nga sis, very rare na yan ngayon esp. dito sa divorceland hehehe.

    I have a LIttle something for you

  15. What lovely photos...50 years is most definitely something to celebrate...your dedication is beautiful!

  16. whew 50 years solid ghapon!! congrats

  17. Congrats to your grandparents on their 50th anniversary! This is a very sweet and touching dedication to them!

    Thanks for sharing my friend!

  18. wow congratulations to them! that's great....wish i can to follow and spent more time with my lovely wife
    Nice share..keep in touch

    Best Regards

  19. bohzo (hello)

    My son is in the Air Force and is a black belt! Very nice site, i love the layout.

    bama (Good bye)

  20. Da oy makaabot ba kaha mi ana sa akoa bana nga he is in his 50s man hheeheh sagdi lang hhehehe...

  21. OJ! ka sweet ba oj...hope ako rin hehehe...congrats sa grandparents mo They look so inlove to each other really nice...going to check your fb photos later kay gimingaw na ko sa farmville nako...hehehe

  22. Their very strong marriage foundation defines you as a person. No wonder you're such a nice and happy person. Wish we could be like your lolo and lola- so sweet even at their golden marriage years.

  23. Awww how sweet... Happy Anniversary to your grandparents! :) Sana maglast din tayo sa ating marriage like your grandparents Dhemz noh? Marriage is really a partnership, it takes work and a lot of patience and communication to make it work. Anyway, congrats to your grandparents again!

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