Friday, December 29, 2017

10 Fun Collectibles for the New Year

For one of your New Year’s resolutions, are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe for this year’s hobby you could try collecting items and see how that works out. It’s fun to keep an eye out for new collectibles that you are trying to find. Some Boise coin dealers put together this great list of collectibles for the new year.
1. Coins
Coins as a fantastic item to collect! They aren’t very common, and it’s always interesting to see what each new coin will look like. You could see if you can collect quarters from all 50 states, or collect dollar coins of the presidents. Maybe you travel a lot and come into contact with different currencies from around the world. Keep a collection of coins from your travels! If you think collecting coins is for you, check out Infinity Coins. They are a coin shop based in Idaho Falls, ID and they are sure to have a selection you’ll love.
2. Stamps
Everywhere you go, you can find new and unique stamps. This is why they are such a popular collectible item. Whether your travel or prefer staying in the comfort of your own home, stamp collecting is definitely a hobby you can take up.

3. Mugs
Especially during the winter time, you can never have enough mugs. And fun mugs are so much better than boring solid colored mugs. Every time you go out to the store (or search through online marketplaces) see if there’s a cool mug you can add to your collection.
4. Bottle Caps
Whether you’re a beer drinker, or you prefer glass soda bottles, bottle caps can be a fun collectible item, especially if you turn them into unique like this bottle cap coffee table. If you already have your fair share of drinks, why not start collecting the caps? This is a great way to recycle too!
5. Vintage Jewelry
Do you prefer a more vintage style? Try collecting vintage jewelry. Check out local pawn shops, shop online, and start your collection. The great part about this collector’s item is that it doesn’t just have to sit on a shelf for you to look at. You can wear it and show off each new piece to the world.

6. Photography
Whether you take your own photos or like to purchase the work of others, photography is the perfect collectible. Not only is it fun to look at, but you can decorate your home with it, and if your collection is large enough, you can switch out your photos often for more variety in your home throughout the year.

7. Books
Do you have a library at home, or do you want to? Keep an eye out for good deals on your favorite books and start a collection! You can collect the classics, favorite series, children’s books, or just books in general. This is a great item to collect if you have a lot of spare time to read your books, or if you have children at home who will benefit from the extra opportunities to learn from them.

8. Vinyl Records
We thought vinyl had its chance decades ago, but it’s never really gone away and is now even making a comeback with popular artists today. Local pawn shops and music stores are sure to have a collection of vinyl records they are just waiting to sell. Class up your home with a new vinyl collection, and enjoy this vintage way of listening to your favorite music.
9. Candles
Are you a lover of scented candles? These are a great item to start collecting in the winter. Nothing like snuggling in your living room by the light of candles on a chilly day. The best part about candles is that you can find them anywhere. Keep an eye out for good deals on unique candles, your favorite scents, and start collecting!

10. Flags
This is another great one for world travelers, or if you just enjoy other cultures. Every country’s flag is unique and symbolic of their individual culture. Pick up a flag in each country that you visit, or order one online for all of the places that you would like to visit. If you travel stateside a lot, try collecting a flag from each state you visit.
There are endless possibilities for collectibles, all you need to do is discover your passion and get started!

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