Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Akesha Turns 14

My 3.11 pound miracle preemie baby turned FOURTEEN today!!! Oh, how time flies.

The day she came into the world was the day that changed my life forever. She made me a mom! I am humbled to be her mama, and I’ve prayed for her every day since the day she was born.

Being a mom to her has been the greatest joy of my life. No matter how the world changes, she will always be my first.
Happiest birthday to the one who made me a mom: my first born! We love you, ne!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Atarah Turns 3

You're only THREE, but you affected so many lives already. You are our little angel who always turn a bad day to a day full of sunshine. Your laugh is infectious! With you, there is no dull moment, you always find a way to make your day filled with adventures...8 countries down and so many places to go!
At such a young age, I can tell that you will grow up to be an articulate young lady. You really are a blessing to us and to all the people around you. I hope you will stay as cute and bubbly as ever. Happiest birthday, babycake!

Her birthday is a great reminder of always thanking God for blessing us with another daughter and for giving me a second chance at life.