Thursday, December 5, 2013

eMeals | Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal planning offers a number of benefits to families regardless of whether it is made for 2 people or a family of 4 or more. It allows homemakers to serve healthy meals to the family, eliminate food waste and save time and money. It can really be frustrating to come up with a meal plan that does not only suit your family’s nutritional needs but also your budget especially when you are pressed for time. You run the risk of making poor choices and serving the same dishes over and over again.
eMeals offer a revolutionary way of creating meal plans that are suitable to the eating style of the family and their size. The weekly plans from eMeals save you money because it ensures that you spend only on food items that you really need. The meal plan and the detailed grocery list that comes with it ensure that you save on time and money and more importantly, serve nutritious and delicious meals to your family. Through eMeals, meal planning and budgeting no longer has to be frustrating and time consuming.
There are 3 ways eMeals helps you save money:
No extra items – By sticking to the plan, you limit the extra spending on misc items.
Duplicate items – eMeals plans try to utilize items multiple times a week to reduce waste of throwing out food.
Store sales – eMeals planners try to incorporate your local grocery store sales into the plan.

I like the fact that eMeals gives you a shopping list that tells you what sales are going on in your LOCAL grocery story with items on your personal recipe list for the week - saving you time! All the ingredients you buy will be used in multiple recipes so that there is no waste.

Not only that eMeals saves consumers on average $1,000/year because of the smart meal planning, no waste, and store sales coordination! You should sign up for eMeals NOW because they can get 30% off. Something you definitely need to be thinking about after the holidays. So what are you waiting for?

I already signed up, and I can't wait to start cooking! You might want to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for updates and promotions.

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