Thursday, December 5, 2013

Choice Home Warranty

A home warranty is a service plan that gives homeowners a way to safeguard themselves against the cost of unexpected home repairs. Our home and its main components including the A/C, heating and plumbing the appliances that we have undergo normal wear and tear. They can, at one point or another, break down without warning. Not every homeowner has the funds they need to cover such repairs and it can really be frustrating when it happens in times when funds are low. Choice Home Warranty understands the importance of providing homeowners security against expensive and unexpected home repairs. They offer home warranty that provides the type of coverage suitable the homeowner’s specific needs. Most home warranties generally cover the repair of major home systems and appliances. If a covered system malfunctions, they will immediately dispatch licensed and insured technicians that will service the homeowner’s warranty claim. Their iSpot Tv ad provides more information as to how Choice Home Warranty can ensure that your home’s major systems are covered and can be fixed at any given time.

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