Monday, April 26, 2010

Overcome Your Worries

Almost everybody at some point in their life will find something that they are worried about. Even the most relaxed person may become worried at a huge important part of their life.
The good news is there are some steps you can take to overcome your worries and be a more relaxed person and relieve a lot stress.

William T. Riley, PhD, codirector of Virginia Commonwealth University's Anxiety Disorders Clinic, says if you do that, worry often exhausts itself and you may have less mental baggage to carry around all day. Try these simple strategies for managing everyday anxieties.

Perfectionists. You agonize over making mistakes before and after events. To relax: Try to get more comfortable making mistakes. Burn the toast on its edges or let conversations lag from time to time without always filling in the silence.

Chameleons. You worry what others think, overestimate the potential for rejection, and change behavior to suit others. To reduce your fears: Face failure and don't view it as personal rejection.

Compulsives. You check and recheck. You put your keys in your purse, but keep checking. To stop the cycle: Restrain yourself, and ultimately you'll start trusting your judgment. You may also need to keep in mind the advice above for perfectionists -- that it's O.K. to make mistakes, or forget something once in a while.

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