Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Best Flowers For Spring

Choosing the best flowers for spring can be difficult and it is often confusing. Perhaps the most effective way to ensure spring flowers that bloom each year is to plant bulbs in the fall to mid-winter. There are of course flowering plants that you can purchase from your local nursery, but you will want to make sure any chance of freezing weather has passed before planting and in many areas of the country, spring does not arrive until late in the season and by that time you will want to plants flowers in anticipation of summer. You always have the option of purchasing bulbs that have been grown in pots over the winter and are in stock in most garden centers beginning in the late winter months. Here are a few choices of flowering plants that are suitable to plant now and will produce early spring flower:

Winter Aconite


Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

we have to buy some flowers soon Dhemz... pero mamatay lang man sila pag spring na, maayo unta all year round magbloom diba?

eden said...

kanang Irish Dhemz kay naa ko ana.. ganahan ko sa color sa iyang buwak.

Spring na gyud mo. nice kaayo ang weather basta spring and the surroundings are all full of colors..