Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Viral Marketing Training Kit


Are you interested in tapping into the viral market? If you own a company or are trying to market a product, viral marketing is essential to your success. MarketingSherpa is offering a Webinar Training on How to Viral Market. You can learn from a panel of experts on how to plan, budget and promote your viral campaigns. They will discuss the 7 interactive tactics concerning Viral marketing. This training is for people who want to run a campaign on a low budget, to decide if viral marketing would work for them, to sell the concept of viral marketing to their boss, and to use viral marketing to increase your brand and awareness feed. You will learn in this training on how to establish your goals, develop your strategy, and how to measure your success. You will get information from Stefan Tornquist who has lead MarketingSherpa's team of researchers into many areas of marketing. You will hear from Jason Weaver who has been involved during the past 5 years with Ebay, Miller Brewing Company and even NASCAR. So if you are interested in tapping into the Viral Marketing and learning the strategies that brings success, you need to sign up for this Webinar Training.

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