Sunday, November 2, 2008

Akesha's 3rd Halloween!

Akesha's 1st Halloween @ 6 months

Akesha's 2nd Halloween @ 18 months

Every Halloween I always have had trouble dressing up my little one. It all starts with chasing her around and lead to crankiness. At first she was excited to see her costume, but then when I dressed her up she refuses and she starts crying. Oh geez! So what I did was, I brought her to the bathroom to calm her down. She loves to stay in our bathroom and I thought that helps.

So, we drove 45 minutes to go to my sister-in-law's house. Akesha was excited to see her cousins again. So she joined with them to go trick or treating.

These are the rest of the candies...we ate most of them in the car on our way home. Poor Akesha, she only got a small bag of M&M's and that was it. hehhe...:)

To sum it up, we had a wonderful time last night! So, here are some of our giggles! (Scooby Doo and his FAMILY)..heheeh...:)


Chubskulit Rose said...

hahahaha di lang pala ako may problema lol.... EJ really refused! So pretty naman ni princess Akeisha, bat di ka nagcostume din hehehe.. Cool looking Dad!

Oiiisst sistah, pwede po ba pa off ng word verification mo sa ccomment.. Its a pain in the butt hahahah... lagi akong mali, lam mo naman ako kung ano ano tinitipa sa keyboard lol!

EJ said...
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EJ said...

hey there demz, I'm back! And this time I wont be lost lol!

Somebody fixed my blog, awesome.. Now I'm back on track!

Your daughter is very pretty.. Beauty runs in the family. Hubby is a sport hahaha..

Anonymous said...

wow she's so pretty princess pirate lang kasya kay nicole di kasya sa kanya yung pang princess its a little big hehe she's so cutie and adorable my aunt want me to dress up nicole angel or princess too but i can't fine a size for her but its fine hehe

Cecile said...

cute naman ni akeisha :-), looked like you all have fun last night!

amiable amy said...

cute ayo imo princess day oyy...what a happy family...have a good day ahead

Umma said...

Akeisha is so cute my dear... puedeng artista pagdaku puhon.... hahaha.
Glad you guys had a great night.. dont eat too much sweets sistah..

Zooropa said...

Oh Demcy, your girl in flower outfit during 6 months old is sweet & adorable! BTW, I have a tag for u. Pls check this out->



faye said...

demz ikaw may gawa nyan sa asawa mo hehehe simple but rock!!!!

Wengss said...

Ganda naman ng angel mo DEMZ. You all looks happy hehe. Happy family. You must be proud always.
Today, I am waiting for some kids to knock our door and ask for some godis hehe.
happy halloween sa inyo

Chubskulit Rose said...

Di ko napansin kanina yung 1st and 2nd costume hahaha,.. I love the first one the most... She's so cuddly!