Monday, June 8, 2015

Ideas for Remodeling the Bathroom

A large portion of homes are built with a basic look to a bathroom. Usually, only the essentials are installed in order to make the room functional for those living within the residence. However, this doesn't mean that it has to stay plain and featureless. In fact, a local remodeling contractor may be able to help you create an elegant look. This could make the room the pride of your home.
Stone Appearance
Stone is an attractive aspect that many people enjoy when remodeling the home. Adding a rocky appearance to the bathroom could give it a natural appearance. It could be elaborate to the point of being reminiscent to a cavern or simplistic with stone tiles on the floor and walls. You could take it a step further and give it a tropical grotto feel by installing plastic plants and a waterfall-like shower system. These styles of bathrooms are usually more ideal for bottom-level floors as the weight of the stone could put additional pressure on support beams.

Sunken Tubs
The bathtub doesn't have to sit on top of the floor. In homes that are ground level, a sunken tub could give the bathroom a spa-like feel as you step into the basin. This can also make the room appear to be larger as the tub is semi-below floor level. With a few modifications, you could also equip these tubs with a shower head.

Multi-Directional Shower Heads
Some personal showers are equipped with a variety of heads that are capable of providing water to several locations of your body simultaneously. A common fixture among these kinds of showers is that of the over-head faucet. This unit emulates rain as water is essentially dropped onto your head directly from above. Many people like these kinds of showers simply because of the lack of an angle as provided by traditional showers.

The possibilities for redesigning a bathroom are only limited by your own imagination. Colors, materials, decorations and more can play into the entire experience. Feel even more comfortable in your home by building a unique area centered around your personal tastes.


  1. I would love to remodel my upstairs bathroom! It's small up there and I think I would just like something new and different!

  2. Ah, I could use a bathroom remodel and update. We all use my master bath now, its so much bigger than the kids, so they always want to come in there. I'd like to overhaul theirs so I can have mine back LOL

  3. I really like that stone look.. We have to redo a bathroom this summer and needed some ideas!

  4. Love the stone give the bathroom that elegance and will make it look larger.

  5. How cool! I love the decor of this one, simple yet elegant. I have been thinking about doing this but have not yet started.

  6. That bathroom is so beautiful. I can only dream of one like that for now, but one day I will have my dream bathroom!

  7. Stone looks give bathrooms a very natural appearance. We used pink marbles for our two bathrooms and I love how they turned out.

  8. I love your ideas. I really want to remodel my bathroom, actually the entire house but of course start one project at a time.

  9. That stone really does look so pretty in there! I remodeled both of the bathrooms in my last home and then moved. :( I need these done here now!

  10. My bathroom needs some remodeling stat. I love the stone look. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  11. LOVE the look of that bathroom. I want to tear down the wallpaper and repaint in my bathroom. Change out the faucet to something much nicer.

  12. Omg!!! Not gunna lie... I have pretty nice bathrooms, but this bathroom blows mine out of the water! I want a bathroom makeover now lol


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