Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Akesh!

Look who turned SEVEN today!
The cutest lil' cowgirl in Texas is celebrating her 7th birthday today. Happy birthday anak! Mama and Papa love you so much. We wish nothing but the best. Good luck on your studies! We love you!!!
We celebrated her birthday last night and had a little pizza party at her school earlier. I also brought some cupcakes, juice, and goodie bags.
Thanks to the Cottrills family for the birthday present. She really loved her new Hello Kitty  pillow. Thanks guys!
Hubby and I got her presents too! Nothing extravagant, just a couple of toys that she liked.


  1. Happy Birthday to your lil' cowgirl mami Dhemz! nagpayat sya noh? or because she's getting bigger (older) na. she looks pretty with her curls!

  2. Awe! Hey Happy Birthday pretty Akesha. She looks real happy with her birthday presents and cake. :) Dalagang-dalaga na si Akesh mommy Dhemz. :) She is growing up to be one lovely young woman. Diria nalang ko ni comment mommy kay human na ko sa isa. :)

  3. Aww..Happy birthday, Akesh! You are growing taller and pretty. April 15 iyang bday mami Dhemz? Our Heaven sab kay April 14 :-)

  4. Oh! Happy birthday Akesh! 7 ka na..kadali ba sa panahon oi...hapit na ma dalaga...:) anyway, coffee table na ni Akesha, Dhemz...murag sakto man gud sa iyaha height hehe.

  5. Oh my, she's growing up so fast. Next thing you know, dalaga na sya!

    Happy birthday Akesha. Your cake looks very delicious! :)

  6. How pretty of the celebrant. Happy happy birthday Akesh, we can't wait to see you again this summer. Mwah, we miss and luvya! May God grant you lots and lots of happiness and good health!

  7. Wow, Akesh is now 7!! Happy Birthday li'l pretty cowgirl!

    Naku Dhemz, you better enjoy/ take advantage of her childhood years. Sandali na lang at marami ng aaligid dyan sa maganda mong anak! Haha.. You know, time flies like Boeing 747! Lol!

    Thanks and take care!

  8. Ahh... happy birthday little cowgirl! Pastilan ka-gwapa nalang! Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration for Akesh, Dhemz! May she continues to grow in and with God's grace every moment! :-)

    Diri lang ko mo-comment ha...

  9. Happy Birthday Akesha! So pretty b-day gurl.
    Dako na jud imo dalaga sis Dhemz.

  10. Second grader na Akesha yotch? beautiful girl gihapon labi na kay curly hair na. Happy birthday Akesh!

  11. Balik ko diri Dhemz for BPC!

    Akesh is now a gorgeous 7-year-old little lady! Ganahan ko sa hair kay kulot! Kami ni Triz kay frustrated kaayo magpakulot! Lol.

  12. oi dalaga naman diay ang baby girl. Happy bday pretty lady! sounds like she had fun on her bday



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