Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tidy Table Tray & Flexi-Diner Review

Introducing The Bambinos! Tidy Table Tray & Flexi-Diner! This product is an innovative way to bring babies, toddlers, and little kids to the table -- making meal time more fun for children, and easier for mom and dad. It clips easily to tables, features an easy on/off insert, and has an extending lip to catch spills. The Tidy Table Tray & Flexi-Diner is BPA free, and has a spill catch lip which ergonomically molds to a baby's body, while catching lap spills that fall between the child and the table. It protects tables, floors, clothes and reduces laundry loads (and need for bibs) too.
The tray also has interactive locations for cups, spoons and forks, so that as your child grows she can learn that different things go in different places. The base tray allows for meal time to become craft or play time after eating is over. Parents can make one trip to the table instead of setting of several, setting up everything in the kitchen for meal time on the Flexi-Diner. When the meal is over, the insert tray is simply lifted out and brought back to the kitchen for easy clean up.
Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.
I was recently given the opportunity to work with Bambinos!, and they sent me a product to review. My 6-year old daughter is no longer a toddler, but she still making a mess on the table. Well, it's not as bad as when she's little but like most moms, cleaning up after our childrens mess becomes never-ending and frustrating.

Thanks to The Bambinos! Tidy Table Tray & Flexi-Diner! What a brilliant solution for all messy eaters out there. What I love about this table tray is that it clamps on to our table easily, it doesn't slide, and it is super easy to clean. Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality of the product.
The design helps keep tables, floors and clothes clean. It has interactive features that will teach the tot where to put plates, bowls, sippy cups, spoons and forks. I highly recommend this product to everyone. The Tidy Table Tray & Flexi-Diner is definitely a great gift for any occasion.

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  1. this is nice and safe, very innovative

  2. I think kids will like it much and will be willing to eat more,haha! Nice product review!

  3. I think that's every parent's need in the household, something to keep the food tidy in our kid's platter. I like that.

  4. i might want to get this for my son, this is very safe and easy to put on the table without risking the food to be spilled...thanks for sharing

  5. A must for my future apo. This will make things a lot easier during eating time. It comes naman siguro in different colors.

  6. I would love to have this tidy table tray for Bella Mommy D.

    Ate Kesh, if your done with it please give it to Bella ha. LOL

  7. very cute and innovative indeed, great help for moms with little kids..

  8. My son sure is a messy eater and this is such a great idea for them. I can just clip it to his favorite table in our bedroom where he usually likes to eat:)

  9. Pwede din siguro sa adult yan di ba lol. I like it. Might consider getting one for my future kids. :)

  10. I'd love to do the purchase for my Morning Dew. This would perfectly fit him coz at the age of 1, he is such a messy eater.

  11. that's really nice and safe, great to know that good things are coming up these days! :) sis, i love your table set-up...:)

  12. This one is nice it would lessen the accident in the kitchen.

  13. This is such a perfect product for the little ones! I love the idea oh how it can be convenient for all the moms out there.

  14. I've always wanted something like that when I was a kid! :)


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