Tuesday, June 12, 2012

U.S Army Medical Dept. Museum

How's your weekend everyone?! I hope you guys are doing fine. Our weekend was OK. We went to Fort Sam Houston last Saturday, and on Sunday we went to the movie theather to watch the "Men In Black 3". 
 Going to Fort Sam was awesome! We roamed around the base and had ice cream at the BX. We also stopped at U.S Army Medical Dept. Museum and learned some interesting stories about the US Army. It was a great learning experience for us.
"Sir, trainee Akesha Dias reports as ordered.  Hooah! "...lol!

Some photos around the base/museum.


  1. Plasine talaga kayo noh sis hehehe.. Hanggang TV lang kami nyahahaha, mahal kasi eh lol. Ang galing ng salute ni Akiesh!

  2. Sana lang madami din museum dito sa Pinas so we could bring Sophia.

    I second to Rose, nice salute Akiesh! :)

  3. baka manood din ako ng Men in Black 3....tiyak laging mag report si Akesha diyan kung sakali...

  4. awww! I love the pretty Akesha salute...to cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-) Dropping by from BPC.


  5. I love movies and museums labi na kong educational for the kids. Visiting you for BPC Dhemz. Mine is up too bisan late at http://www.ryanmerydithfrancis.com/2012/06/taking-the-kids-out.html

  6. Angayan kaayo ang salute ni Akesh! Dhemz, katawa ko sa shirt ni Akesh kay cute kaayo. :)) I love museum trips, too. I'm sure that was a nice place to learn...

    BPC 163 hop! Grabe jud akong OT aron maka-catch up! :)


  7. lil soldier in training! ayyeee Akesha :) amazing to see those military stuff yotch. George will love this kind of stuff. doing my 366 bpc rounds here.


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