Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get Together with High School Friends

One of the highlights during my trip to the Philippines last month was meeting up with some of my high school buddies. It feels great seeing them again. We had our get together at Tropical de Oro Resort, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City.
It was a little bit disappointing because some of my friends weren't able to come during the party but I was able to talk to them on the least!
I'm glad some of my friends showed up despite of the not so good weather that evening. We had plenty of foods, drinks, snacks, photos and chats! 

Aside from a roasted pig, a close guy friend of mine catered these foods (some dishes are not in the picture). Thanks Goy for the yummy foods you cooked!


  1. awww! time to catch-up with the classmates...looks so fun Momi Dhemz :-) kalami sad kaau sa inyo pagkaon :-) maau gnai ky busog pa ko hehehe Dropping by from BPC.

  2. Wow sis ikaw pinakabata! Great reunion, kainggit hehehe.

  3. oh boy! ang foooooooood :( laway rako hehhehe. i bet u had a blast sa imong bakasyon.

    mine is up hope to see u there

  4. aguy, pagkabiboha man ni! galaway ko sa pagkaon! featured tika diri :) #165/366 BPC!

  5. ayos ah....muli nagsama sama kayo ng mga ka batch mo sa high school....tiyak sagot mo ang ilan na mga foods at drinks,hehe.....

  6. wow mommy Dhemz! daghan kaau ka ug friends dira sa CDO, ang akoa dyud mga nawani na. dili na mahagilap. lol. ambot kung asa na sila gi pang labay sa kalibutan. hehe

    visiting from BPC #164

  7. oi, nagkita-kitz diay mo sa mga high school buddies nyo dhemz.. inyo foods kalami..haha

  8. Lamia sa pancit oi, laway ko pinakalit! Tropical diay ngalan anang sa Bulua Dhemz? 3 times ko diha nakabalik tong last naku nga uli pero wa ko kabalo sa ngalan. LOL.

    I see familiar faces kaayo oi! Asa man si gwapang Ian wa man sa pics? Lol. Nindot jud makig-reunite sa mga old friends. I wish to attend to one next time pud kay wa pa jud ko kaapil ug reunion ba...

    BPC 164 hop!

  9. balik ko bisita diri yotch. nag-supervise sa bpc akong show diri hehehe


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