Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pouring Rain

It's raining it's pouring I can't do anything... sing with me!
Photo was taken this morning after dropping off my daughter to school.
Gosh, we don't have power and internet since midnight due to heavy rain, gusting wind and lightning. Bummer! I hope everything will get back to normal real soon.

Blogging via mobile phone


  1. Huh? Baket sis? May bagyo ba dyan? Baket walang ilaw? Ingat! :)

  2. We've got the same kind of thing going on here in scenic Arkansas. It's just wet, cold and gray today. Yuck. It's was sunny and warm yesterday -- much better.

    At least we're a day closer to spring, right?

    Visit the Hawg!

  3. what happened? hope everything will get back to normal na =)

  4. Kami snow at ulan ang kalaban hehehe.

  5. wow parang samin lang aurora borrealis ba dyan nung 24 via solar storm? :)

  6. That sucks bayot. diri sd woke up raining. mura nbalik na jd ka sa studyante life tsang nga rain or shine had to go to school hhehehe.

    drive safely bayot, hope mabalik na inyong net.

  7. Sometimes there's a romantic feeling when it's raining. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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