Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flat Tire

Wheeewwww! What a day! I just got home from the car shop MIDAS a few minutes ago. I was there for almost 2 hours waiting for my car to get it fixed.
What happened was I had a flat tire early this morning (my first time). I'm so glad I already dropped my daughter to school before it happened. I only noticed the plap plap sound after getting off the freeway. So, I drove super slow and pulled over at the nearest park.
I called hubby, and he immediately asked for assistance from USAA.  I've waited an hour for the tow truck guy to come to change my tire.  After he replaced it with the spare tire, I went ahead to MIDAS to have it fixed because it's not recommended to drive using a spare tire.
I'm so grateful I got home safely! Thank you God!


  1. oj..då! but thankks you are safe:) thats a part lang sa naay ca maka experience jud ing ana..heheh

  2. For a lady driver, it is really a horrendous experience to experience a blow out. If you happened to be driving at a high speed, that experience could have been fatal. Praise the Lord that nothing untoward happened to you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. hehe.....ganun talaga minsan basta may sasakyan.....maganda ang jack......crocodile.....hehe....

  4. Oh no, katakot naman nyan sis. John taught me how to replace a tire but I don't think I can o it lol. I am not born for mechanical stuff.

  5. Bummer!!! good thing you're expert already bayot in handling that kind of situation. usa ra jd kaya nku ug ako naa sa imung shoe tsang moingon rko ug " in times like this i need juicy fruit gum" hehehe jok lng

  6. Whenever the tire inflation warning sign is on in my dashboard, I always check my tires before I leave the house. If it is not looking very critical, I will wait for hubby take my car to the shop and have it fixed immediately.

    Good thing you are safe.


  7. Hmmm posting yang indah, bertambah menarik dilengkapi dengan gamabar gambar yang cantik

  8. galing pa rin sis atleast hindi ka nag oover react kasi mas mahirap yon.Sana i have the courage to drive one time nag enroll pa ako sa driving school pero mahina loob eh.

  9. Having a flat tire while on the road is indeed a nightmare. No matter how careful we are, sometimes we just can’t avoid problems like this while driving. It’s a good thing you have a hubby to help you out in cases like that! For those who don’t have a hubby to call in case of emergencies, I’m pretty sure there are car service companies out there willing to help you with your problem. Just keep their numbers on your phone!

    Rita McCall


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