Monday, November 14, 2011

Final Soccer Game | Undefeated

How are ya'll doing? I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. Our weekend went mighty fine! Daughter's soccer team had a victorious game this season, they never lose a single game. I'm so proud of her team. Great job RAMS!
Last Saturday was their final game. The score was 7-0.
Akesha and coach Lara.
Hubby and I are so proud of Akesha. Good job anak! We love yah!

We supposed to go to the victory party, but we already planned out to go to Fiesta Texas weeks ago. We had a great time at Six Flags. Sunday was a mellow day. We just stayed at home and played wii. Then in the evening we went to a nearby theater and watched "Puss and Boots". How about you? How's your weekend?


  1. wow! congrats Akesha ang your team!!!

    sus gi imagine na nako kung unsa ka kusog mudagan si Akesha ug manipa hahahaha. ka lami siguro tan-awon. si janjan sige pa man ug training every saturday pod pero wala pa sa actual nga game or laban. hehe

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  3. Yohoooooo, that calls for a big celebration. Good job Akesh and to the proud parents. We miss you guys!

  4. Congrats to Akesha!
    Have a great week ahead...

  5. clap clap clap for akesha congrats little girl.

  6. we watched puss and boots too ... it was cute

  7. Wow, Akesha's team is great that they did not lose a single game. Their final game ended in a 7-0 win. Akesha will be great in sports and other disciplines. She's really very talented. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. ohh my im sure you guys are so proud of your princess premie. look at her, she is a fighter and born champion pa jd undefeated hehehe. angay ni siya tagaan ug bahin ni pacquiao tsang hehehe.

    way to go akesha, keep it up sweetie

  9. waaahh..grattis pretty akesh... haay si laikka sad unta...hehe! visiting Dhems.. hope your internet will be back so soon:)

  10. wow ang cute naman ng baby girl mo, congrats...

  11. ang galing naman ng team nila Akesha. nice medal little girl, congrats!


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