Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogging Off Mode

Today was not really a good day. We had no power and no internet connection. Bummer!!! I have to blame the lightning and thunderstorm...thanks to my dearest blackberry cellphone! I'm hoping the technician will fix our internet tomorrow afternoon.We also need to replace our cable.
For now, blogging off mode muna ako! No TV and no internet...:) thanks for dropping by!


  1. save by the lightning and thunder bayot hehehe taking day off from blogging.

    adgit adgi ko bayot pastilan ning atong puter gamay titot uy, sakit sa kamut sd baya basta mao saligan.

    btw, wa pa j nku na sent pag sat tsang ky nangluod ko ky pastilan na bored na jd ko nya akong amo grabe nagtinapulan jd hehehe

    hope si L&T manguli nana sila aron balik na internet hehehe

  2. Oh no!
    Hope everything will be okay soon...


  3. Ugh! that's not cool...hate it for you...

  4. Arrrrrhhhh di masaya pag alang internet lol. Hope the tech will be able to fix it soon. Mwah, enjoy your blogging vacay hehehe.

  5. Kawawa naman kayo Dhemz. Anyway, your internet connection and your cable connection will be resumed very soon. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Oh no, hope you will have it back as soon as possible.:)

  7. ay, brown-out heheheh.. pahuway sag kadali diha... hahah :) dropping by Dhemz..

  8. Don't worry about the internet connection, everything will be ok. Yan din ang problem ko if they have a lightning and thunderstorm.

  9. ouch, maau gani to the rescue si Blackberry. Hope ma-ok na sis so u can get back to blogging na


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