Sunday, October 23, 2011

Win a Vacation to LEGOLAND® Florida!

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This year my family and I went to Disneyland in Florida for a week. We had a really great time. We visited the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom and the Epcot Center. There is another park in Florida that I would want to visit and that is LEGOLAND. You can actually win a trip to LEGOLAND Florida from Travelpro. Travelpro is the leader in great lightweight luggage, and they are having a Sweepstakes where you can win a vacation to LEGOLAND. These lightweight luggages have been around since 1919 and are very affordable and will provide stress-free travel. If you win their sweepstakes, you will enjoy the 150 acre park which offers more than 50 rides.If you are looking for an exciting time and great luggage, you should checkout the Atlantic luggage and Legoland sweepstakes. Make sure you enter it, and get your friends and family to enter it as well. I am looking forward to visiting Florida again, and I am hoping to visit LEGOLAND as well. Maybe I can win this trip from Travelpro to make my time even more enjoyable. There are a lot of parks to visit in Florida and many other things to do as well.


  1. cool GETAWAY! wish I could go there someday.. :(

    by the way, do you mind checking out on My Neighbors.. The United LAUREANS!"

  2. weee. ikaw na palangga ni ted bayot hehehe. kuyuga ko ug adto ka sa Lego land ha hehe. dili natu kuyugon si jake ky makakita ug lego dili na mo hawa.

    musta inyo weekend tsang? wa naman ko balikattakchikading uy, naayo na imu lappy bayot? hirit galore ko diri kadali

  3. How i wish to visit disneyland in florida :(

  4. Buti pa dito kahit weekend may biz hehehe.. Sayang di natin nakita legland area sa disney hehehe..

  5. mami close na jud mo ni ted... hunghungi gud to ipaapil ko i need moolah kay akong i plete mamista ko sa bohol

  6. Wishing to visit disneyland in florida here I go again dreaming....hahaha! cge sama ko na pati legoland! pak!


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