Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Fundraising

My daughter Akesha recently brought home the latest fundraising venture from her school. Oopsy daisy! The money they raise goes a long way and supports technology purchases and field trips.

The fundraising products are gift items, gift wrap, pizza kits, cheese cakes, pretzels, cookie dough and many other delicious items. These items are great for all your get-togethers, parties, the kids, and especially for holiday cooking and all those special occasions. Selling items starts from $5.00 and up.

Since I would like to support my daughter's school and help them raise money, I decided to blog about their fundraising campaign and see if you guys can help me. Your generosity means a lot!

If you would you like to help support by buying my daughter's school fundraising products, visit www.joecorbi.com or email me at gregdemcy@gmail.com for details. To order online, just click "Online Ordering" and enter this information:
Online Group Code: 70CHRASAST
Seller ID: 680899

You can also send your donation to:


  1. Welcome to the world of fund raising activities Tita.

  2. Wooooot mabibusy ka na din sis hehehe... Ako next week pa maguupisa but busing busy na kakaprepare ng kailangan.. Will take a look at this lateh.. mwah, advance happy birthday!

  3. hello sistah... I dont know ganiha, di ma ko kapost ug comments.. so I tried to send you an email. Please check ha?

  4. Happy Birthday Dhemz..... and i hope the best for this campaign

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Inday Sis...

  6. Happy Birthday diay oi, ahak kalimot man ko greet diri, pero tua na noon sa fb ganinang buntag hehe.

    anyway, unsa diay ni Dhemz, mo purchase ta ug ek-ek like candies?? unsa ba oi wa ko kasabot haha..

  7. Nay, here comes the fun part of having a scholar hehee. Sounds like a good fundraising tsang. chika ra nya ta sa ym aron kasabot ko hehe kay lami tong cheesecake didto da, heheeh

    Happy Birthday bayot, asa mn ka i treat sa father and daughter? Have a great weekend Dias fam

  8. Hi sis, just want to greet you a happy birthday!

    PS.. I tried entering the code you provided but it said at the site, it can't be validated? Hmnnn.

  9. Please come over to my Komentaryo blog for my birthday tribute to you. Here's the url: http://komentaryopilipino.blogspot.com/2011/08/happy-birthday-to-demcy-apdian-diaz.html. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday to you. God bless you all always.

  10. Hello Ate Dhemz, hope maka raise kayo ng marami for the fundraising. God Bless! :)



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