Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet As Candy

I've been meaning to post about this entry, but I keep forgetting it! I guess there's too much going on in the Dias ranch...wait, we don't have a ranch!
A cute polka dot dress, leaf rub, friends photo frame, and a card.
These cute and gorgeous stuff came from the sweetest little girl I know in blogland.....any guess?! hehehhe....It's from Rylie Cottrill!...she's the smart daughter of one of my closest blogger friend, sis Rose of Obstacles & Glories. She sent these stuff to Akesha a month ago. Thanks a lot Rye. You're just like your sweet and thoughtful!

We hope to meet you guys someday....:) Salamat ulit badingding!


  1. ang cute naman, soon you will two meet and it should be a blast!

  2. agoy kanang someday jud ma realize na basta mudaug sa Outer banks lol

    bitaw seriously, ang bait naman....

  3. Hahaha outer banks, ito talaga si mamilu laging biz ang nasa isip lol..

    Wahhh the future "major-major" hahaha.. just kidding. Tawag na ni rye kay akesha eh "my cowgirl friend akesha" lol..
    Ag galing mo talaga sis magcreate ng pics hehehe...

    Sana nga magkita na tayo soon, naku kukurutin ko kayong magina lol.. Mwah!

  4. Yes, they are both sweet as candy. They are both growing up as young beautiful ladies with so much talent and charm. And both are acting like their celebrated moms- very thoughtful, generous and faithful to their friends. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. waaaaaaaa sama ako Rose...kurot lang pala sayo, sa kin, sipa, tadyak, sabunot sa kulot nyahahhaha.

    nice kaayo imo gibuhat sa pic nila akesh ug rye, Dhemz...mga half breed kids...sus ka mga gwafa oi...inggit akoooooooo ahak!

  6. agoy ka sweet sa mga gifts...mura man og mga korek ang duha sis hehhehe friends forever

  7. Ang sweet ni Rylie. Cute gifts . Nindot kaayo ang picture frame, super cute gyud and duha.

  8. cute jud silang duha, of course asa man liwat diba?

  9. oi ka-cute man... polka dot ha.. hehehe! Virtual friends forever na ning duha da^.. one day magkita ra jud mo Akesha and Rylie.. :)

  10. sweet naman pati kids nu may bonding nadin. hopefully when they gow up, maging friends din sila thru the blogosphere, hehe.

    ask ko lng po, nagkakilala lang kau ni mommy rose thru blogging?

  11. ay.... kung kaniadto penpal na... karon blogging friends.. ahaha .. pati kids.. awww so sweet naman ni ry...

  12. hi dhemz! another great post from you! those are really nice ang ku-cute ng mga girls! and so sweet naman ninyo ni rose! makes me miss my bestfriend who's in jersey now :(

    anywayz...the reason din i am here is because...since you are such a nice and fab mommy and blogger (and one of the first to comment on my blog when i started last year), I have awarded you with the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!

    hope you can drop by my site to pick up the badge when you have time, okay?! (kung may time ka lang naman, what with all your duties in your ranch...hehehe!)

    anyway, here’s the direct link:

    looking forward to reading more posts from you. Godspeed! :)

  13. Ka-ayo ug ka-cute aning duha....and the gifts are lovely

  14. that is so sweet of them; i bet bagay na naman kay akesha yung dress...

    musta namo, dhemz? have nice weekend dear.

  15. oh.. this is nice :D will be great to have bloggers meet up

  16. wow! ka cute ba kaayo oi! hope pud one day magkita pud ta sis! huhuhuh!


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