Sunday, September 5, 2010

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Thanks for coming by folks! Have a wonderful weekend. I will try to blog hop tomorrow! My eyes are killing me now. I just finished my online tasks. It's time for me to hit the hay, but before that I am leaving you this video I took before we left California.

Please don't mind his humongous dong, just enjoy the! Video was taken in our backyard...used to be our backyard.


  1. Yes, I enjoyed the music and I enjoyed the video. The squirrel is so cute doing his own thing. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Enjoyed the music, ofcourse Video too. Thanks for sharing. You too have a wonderful weekend...

  3. Hahahaha buang ka talaga lol. Love the music timing na timing sa galaw ni Mr. S. lol.. Laki ng dong ghahahaha..

  4. i enjoyed the song, dhemz; thanks for sharing :-) and happy weekend.

  5. :) enjoyed watching it hihi kulet

    anyways ganda, i emailed u at your yahoo ha. am interested sa camera mo eh :) may nakabili na ba?

    please let me know ha. my email is

    thanks girl!

  6. Hahaha humungous dong! dako biatw gyud sa,. sus im sure you guys miss the Cali.

    Wa gyud ko ka bloghop gabii bayot, as in akong lawas nigive up na. Il try to bloghop today, thats my misyon impossible hahaha

    Mingaw amo weekend uy as usual balay sge hila waaa

  7. daan ako dito bago magchurch badingding, mwah! Oiiist pinagbibili mo pala cam mo?

  8. Nice music sis:-) rest while we enjoy the video here

  9. ohw yeah.. online tasks are some kinda of a "energy-draining" thing to do.. but it's worth it...

    have a nice labor day weekend..

    JEREMAE here..

  10. labay ko mami... mag fb ko aron ma peace akong life kapoy sige pangita sapi wa gihapon nadatu waheheheh

  11. The squirrel is so cute, btw I like the music:)

  12. Nice song and video.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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