Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mouse Trap

We got another new board game in the house. It's called Mouse Trap! Have you ever played this game before? This is the latest board game that Akesha loves.
Each player is represented by a mouse-shaped game piece which travels along a non-continuous, roughly square-shaped path around the game board from the start to a continuous loop at the end. The path is segmented into spaces, some of which are marked with instructions, and "build" spaces that are marked simply with numbers ("2", "2-3" and "2-3-4")
The object of the game is to trap all of one's opponent's mice using the game's Rube Goldberg-style mouse trap, which is built upon the board during the course of the game. The trap begins with a crank which turns a set of gears. This begins a series of stages which ends in a cage being lowered over the "cheese wheel" space on the board, which is one of six spaces in the ending loop of the game path.


hitesh rawat said...

the game seems fun in the's been a long time since i played a board game....and don't even own it's all computer games and some outdoor games... :D

khaye said...

ok yan. sana pwedi sa mga totoo mouse madami d2 sa house.hehehe
Sorry ha late ko na sinabi na ok na blog.Thank you nandyan k to help.
Si rubz naka online kanina sa FB tapos ask korin kung alam nya prob. tapos tinignan ni rubz,meron delete na post na nag double kaya ganun daw. but thank talaga for you time.
sige sali ako.

MommaLira said...

I am not into board games but by watching the video, it seems such is a lot of fun....

Have a great weekend, Dhemz.

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Mel Alarilla said...

Mukhang maganda yung laro na yan although hindi ko pa nasusubukan. Marami na ngang mga bagong laro na lumalabas ngayon. Sinong panalo sa inyo ni Akesha? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

it looks like a fun game sis..mkat-on ta ani kong unsaon pagtrap ang mouse..daghan pud diri sa amoa naa taas sa kisami cgeg dagan2x

Kidberries said...

Good one, I'm sure Kids enjoy this board game.

Thanks for your visit to my blog, I'm following your blog now. Inviting you to join the Followers List in my page.

Zezebel said...

Board game.
Its been a long time a play one.

chubskulit said...

mahilig talaga kayo sa games sis hehehe.. Ala akong kahilig hilig dyan lol..