Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spongebob Is Going Off the Air?

guest post by Pat Walsh
Has anyone heard this besides me? There is a post on Facebook that says that Spongebob is going off the air. I don't know whether this information is true or not but I do know that my children and my husband are going to be very disappointed. Who really would have thought that a silly yellow sponge would make people laugh so hard?
The first time I ever saw it I didn't even know what I was watching the kids turned on the TV and next thing you know we were all just sitting there together spending time watching Spongebob. While I do somewhat limit my children's television viewing Spongebob is too funny to pass up and usually if they find it on they know that I will come and watch it with them and my husband will too. Perhaps the humor is more geared towards adults then kids but they seem to get it okay and seem to laugh at even some of the references that I think are going over their heads.
The one episode where Spongebob learns how to drive is perhaps one of my favorites. It shows Spongebob and he keeps trying to learn how to drive and keeps failing his driving test until he eventually gets the driving instructor fired and then he learns to drive blindfolded. He can only drive the obstacle course with his blindfold on but with it off he can't do it. Check out this episode and let's all say our prayers that Spongebob continues for generations to come. Hopefully they will play them old ones on some channel on satellite TV, so now how much does satellite tv cost?

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Mama Ko said...

Yay, maayo pa si perception naa mn GP, akong Simple wala katilaw ug GP tsang hehe, mana gyud ko ug adgi time for posting na haaaay buhay kafet ngita ug aloy uy hehehe.