Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finger-Paint Masterpiece

Father's day is coming up! How would you like your tot make an easy Father's day crafts for Father's.
Finger Painting
Let your tiny tots create a beautiful piece of artwork just for Dad. Buy a small canvas and some finger paint. Then, let the little ones paint away. Get a small stand to display the beautiful artwork or hang it on the wall.


Mama Ko said...

The hubby already got his Fathers day gift on the mail. Na si jake lang moangkon ana ug mag paint [aint. this is appropriate for big kids like akesha or atleast 3 years older siguro no ky but an nman ang 3 years old maminaw nman ug mo follow na isntrustions. Maayo mn imu akesha tsang ky reserved mn manglihok, ning akoa nga mrua tornado hehehehe. mag huna huna sko i post uy haay. kisses sa imungkulot

Cecile said...

ito ba ang art ni Akesha? ganda naman...future painter na siya, dhemz.

nuts said...

oh wow, is this akesha's art? nice one? lapit na nga pala father's day.. ay kelan nga ba hihi..