Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Learning About Food on TV

Guest post from my buddy Leonard Koller.
One of the most popular networks on television is the food channel. Who would have thought many years ago that this could have grown to be such a big hit? I was looking at channel options for satellite vs cable tv in Nashville and satellite definitely had the most cooking channels. Satellite television has enable viewers such as me to enjoy many methods of food preparation, and culinary styles from around the world. Such shows as the Iron Chef delight fans with both simple and deluxe recipes using varied ingredients.
Although Americans delight in eating out, there is nothing like a great meal at home. Men love to grill outdoors, and find that the sizzle of a steak on the grills is the ultimate satisfaction. However, there are many tips, tricks, and recipes available on the food channel that makes this experience all the more gratifying. Some of the ways used to improve this activity include special marinades or seasonings to prepare the meat first. There are also additives to the coals that provide a unique flavor. Some of these include apple wood soaked in water, lending that smoky scent to a well done steak.
Television has passed on much of this information to the typical viewer who might not have known it otherwise. This makes watching the food channel so much more interesting. The chefs are great, but it is their knowledge that is being passed on that makes this a don't miss brand of TV.

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