Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're Home...Finally!

My goodness gracious! What a relief. Just a note to let you know we made it home safely. How is everybody?
It has been 21 days since I posted on my blog and this is the first update since I was gone....wow that long? Anyhow, our trip to the Philippines was quite interesting. Greg, Akesha and I got SICK! We actually rushed Akesha to the hospital a week before we left the PI. She had a high fever and cough. A couple of days after, Greg and I got a flu. What a bummer! We suppose to do some extra curricular activities during our last week in the Philippines, but it seems like things do not always go as planned. I am glad we did not get sick during my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

I apologize to my friends and co-workers because we did not get a chance to get together. Sorry guys!

I would like to thank my parents for all their help with our accommodation (food, lodging, and transfer) and shopping spree. Salamat Mama and Papa!

I also would like to thank Mami Lu for helping me out on my kitchen blog. Thanks dearest for maintaining my Savour D' Flavour blog while I was gone. Thanks to Tsang Shy for keeping an eye of my main blog. Thanks to Manang Rose for sending the Soft Hugwear Neck Pillow, it really helps during our trip. And of course....to all my visitors, friends and readers...thank you guys for dropping by!

I miss you all. I am looking forward to visit your blog as soon as I get over with this freak'n jet lag and annoying cough.


  1. Welcome back! I hope you get well soon.

    If you're settled and have time, please visit my site, I have a giveaway for US residents only. Thanks!

  2. Tsannggggg welcome home, we miss yah bayot. Glad to hear you are safe and sound. Kalooy d i ni kulot oi na sick mn, ug and dias fam jd nagsakit didto, kaloy oy sa mga bakasyonista. So how was the vacay? im sure ubay ubay imu nabisita?
    take a rest tsang and greg and akesha ky im sure naa pmu jet lag. talk to you later bayot. smooches and hugs.

  3. weeeeee....mingaw namo nimo dhemz...ako perti ka busy tungod sa ako klase oi!

    welcome back!

  4. welcome back and welcome home! miss you a lot!

    geee so akesha got sick like Andrea when we went to PI...

    I hope ya'll will feel better soon!

  5. Hello sistah... welcome back I missed your chicka hahhaa..Sad to hear you were all got sick while on vacation in PI... I guess, your immune system is not adapted with the Phils' climate na.

    Take a rest, I can relate to the feeling of having jetlag..once you recovered, paspas na sad hahaha..

    Take care sistah.

  6. maayo kay naabot na mo dhemz. welcome back :-)

  7. Dhemz is back! For 21 days, I didn't hear the words "Holy Cranberry Batman!" Sorry, that's too long for me not to hear that.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about the unfortunate sicknesses and that it cut down some of your vacation activities.

    Looking forward to your visits again! Welcome back, Dhemz!:)

  8. welcome back. take a good rest, take your time. nice to hear that you and the whole family are safe back home. but cannot wait to see the pics.hehhehe, i miss pinas.

  9. Hello Dhemz! you are back from your vacation? I am sure you enjoyed it! Welcome back!

  10. WOW! maayo kay dia na ka na gimingaw gyud ko nimo oj...
    WELCOME BACK...Dear Dhemz...
    Now Im excited na sa mga post nimo about sa inyong vacation...hehehe!!1
    rest ka muna baka may jetlag ka pa...

  11. oj sorry to hear about the sickness...ninyo...sobra init yata Dhemz...

  12. Welcome back sis, agoy daghan man diay nagbantay sa blog samtang wla kapa... daghan guardya naka assign ehhehe...

    Pareha ta sis, did nako Norway sa wakas mao pa sad ako pag abot last adtong sunday... kapoy jud byahe, maau gani karon wala pako na homesick hehehe... perting tugnawa diay agoy!

  13. wow welcome back...i keep wondering when are you coming back! i sure do, you enjoyed your vacation inspite of the sickness....

    get well soon...para maka pag blog ka na!

  14. welcome back, dhemz :-); sorry to hear you guys got sicked....glad you are all fine now; we sure missed you a lot!

  15. Oi nkabalik na ang pinaka-kusgan nga blogger! hehehe... Dli na ko kahuwat mkakita'g pics sis...Agoi! Gimingaw na jud kos pinas! Sorry to hear about Akesha's sickness ug sa inyoha pud duha sa imo hubby... Intonsis ang laag ging.. hehehe

    Dugay na pud ko wla klaag dri sis kay busy pud ko..


  16. hello sis sensya na late na late na ako dito, our interenet connection was acting up for days now and it's driving me insane... Ito nga 12:30 na saka pa lang ako nakalog in wahhh.. ewan ko ba.. I am glad that all of you got home safe, nagkasakit pala kayo naku hirap kaya nun..

  17. I'm glad your back....& hope u had a great time though.

  18. wow..welcome back sis Dhems..it was just so sad though na the whole family got sick during the vacation..but you all surely had lots of fun pa rin naman here in Pinas.. wish you all are ok na esp. baby Akesha..i am so happy you're back!

  19. WELCOME BACK....i miss you Akesha..hahaha

    yeah, kay pangit man gud ang weather pag abot ninyo...sorry to hear that nga nag kasakit tawon mo...anyways..am glad that your backkkkk hahaah.

  20. Aguy kadaghan sa nalipay sa imung pagbalik bayot, grabe na jud ni lol. mao pahuway ug daghan tsang ky sus mura daghan nag atang sa mga picture picture sa inyong vacay. Ug ang samut nalipay rn ky ang nagpadala ug Argentina waaaaaaaaaa.

    magbahug sko sa akong mga anakins tsang. auau.kisses sa kulot how is she btw?

  21. Welcome back sis! Glad at safe kayong nakabalik sa CA.

    Sorry to hear na nagkasakit kayo sa pinas...kawawa naman si akesha...
    but I'm sure nag enjoy kayo sa vacation nyo sa pinas together with your family lalo na nung wedding anniv ng parents mo. Happy anniv sa kanila...
    wow! 50th wedding anniv na nila...

    take a lot of rest sis...balitaan mo na lang kami ulit kapag maganda na ang pakiramdam mo.

    take care sis.mwah!

  22. Philippines diay mo gikan, Dhemz. Kumusta man didto sa ato? :)
    Maayo pa ka kay naka-uli na ka. :)

  23. aw welcome back dhemz,,nanibago tingale mo sa klima sa pinas... im sure enjoy ghapon inyo vacation..

  24. Glad your are back, dhemz. miss na gyud ka namo. Sus ana man gyud dayon magkasakit tungod sa clima but glad Ok ra mo ug naka enjoy didto . akong mga anak, magkasakit sad ni sila ug flu. mao mahunong sad among lakwatsa.

  25. Hey Demz........welcome home......
    bad that...flu affected the vacations.....
    50th anniversary....awesome huh......even i hope to find some for that long.....

    see ya around.

  26. welcome back. how's the bakasyon grande. i'm sure you had fun. hope to hear a lot of your vacation stories soon.


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