Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am Dramatic

I feel like playing stuff at blogthings so I went there and took random quizzes. Here is the result of my name.
What Demcy Means: D is for Dramatic

D is for Dramatic

E is for Ebullient

M is for Mesmerizing

C is for Charismatic

Y is for Yummy

Who wants to be mesmerize by my beauty? hehehe just kidding.


  1. Nakakatuwa naman yung pagdescribe mo sa letters nang pangalan mo. Sa lahat nang letters, ang pinakagusto ko eh yung huli, yung y that stands for yummy, hehehe, lol. Yummy sa lahat nang mga food preparations mo at recipes sa blog mo, lol. Gusto ko rin yung m for mesmerizing, talagang spellbinding ang beauty mo, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. D for Dramatic sounds right when were talking about a blogger movie star and BWE wrestler! LOL!

    BTW, I really hope you get to see this because you were inducted into the WBE Blog of Fame!

    2010 WBE Blog of Fame Inductee 1 of 3

    Also, I put a visual in my slider with a pic of you in it.:)

    I hope you're having a fantastic vacation that you deserve my friend!

  4. wow..yummy..hehee makalingaw man sd ni's nice you are back in blogging na sis welcome back

  5. Hi tsang dropping by here, love the name hehehe mao ra jd ni akong naabot tsang. hope you guys had great time there, i regards ko sa ketkai.miss yah

  6. hello ms. dramatic!nakakapag-blog ka pa rin ha kahit nasa bakasyon ka. how's the vacay there?

  7. oh dili pa diay ka nakabalik :-)? i like the mesmerizing one :-)!

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  9. ok ah.......ako wala akong maisip para sa name ko,hehe...dramatic ka pala..

  10. Maramng na-mesmerize sa imong beauty pero ang nakadakop imong hubby. How are you friend? I have an award for you in my other blog. I know your very busy, so no hurry and your not oblige to post it. You are a good friend of mine and this award is a sign of my appreciation for being such a nice person. Just enjoy your days there in the Phil, ok?

  11. Hehehehe ang galing ni tsang bakla hehehe... Kumusta ka na sis, kelan balik nyo. Miss ka na namin.

  12. hahaha...i agree with Rose hahaha.

    miss you Dhemz, kulot..i miss your "mah hair"

  13. Sis, blog diay ghapon ha.. hehehe.. wla bya ko bisita dri kay abi nko Feb pa ka mka-update... Mzta na ang bakasyonista? hehehe


  14. Halo bayot lili ko basin nakatugdong na ang eroplano hehe

  15. agoy, updated gihapon dire...hehehhe... musta sis? nakabalik naba mo? ako sad cge absent sa blogging... lol:-)

  16. C is for Charismatic... tinuod jud. :)

  17. Bayot unsa na ginahimo mo diha.. Miss ka na namin hehehe..

  18. hahayyyy i miss my corned beef!!!! waaa nagpadungog dungog diay to!

  19. bagay kau sis ang mrs, dramatic... hehehe cute cya.

    busy kau ang beauty jud nako last january... hay sorry karon lng ko nka visit...

  20. Oiiiist magparamdam ka naman lol, miss ka na namin eh.. mwah, ingat!

  21. Ako sd paramdam again tsang, come back soon.

  22. Wow sis, you're YUMMY :D

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