Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Music is the heart of our soul. Music helps us to unwind, and it makes us feel great when we listen to it. Most people I know love music. My husband and I are music lovers as well. We love to tune into the radio or use our iPod. Most people have easy access to computers and can download free music from the internet. I myself have downloaded all kinds of songs that I have on my iPod. I have found out that there is perfect place to download free music from the internet. You should check out kerchoonz.com. Kerchoonz is a free service to the public where you play music or download songs. This website is a social networking platform that allows free exchange of music, art, ideas, and entertainment. It enables fans to search and discover new music, play games, meet people, watch and upload videos, keep up with the news, post blogs, and a whole lot more. Here is the catch. How would you like to be paid every time someone listen or download your music? You will also get paid when you use their widgets to refer your friends, and you will get paid when they create or upgrade an account. So what are you waiting for? You should sign up today for free.

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