Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100% ME!!!

Niko, Amy, Shydub, Tammy, Lisa, Meryl, and Joanne tagged me with this exhausting tag ever...hehhee....kidding! It's fun though. Thanks a lot guys for including me.

001. Name → Demcy
002. Nickname(s)→ Dhemz, Dem, Cyang, Cy (sai)
004. Zodiac sign → LEO...ggggrrrrrrrr
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → Sungay Elementary School & Gitagum Central School
008. High School → Sto. Nino Hight School (St. Paul)
009. College/University → Liceo de Cagayan University
010. Hair color → Black/Reddish
011. Long or short → regular
012. Loud or Quiet → not too loud not to quiet
013. Jumpers or Jeans → Jeans
014. Phone or Camera → can I say both? hehhehe
015. Health freak → Not at all.
016. Drink or Smoke? → NIL
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → of course..that's normal...hehhe!
018. Eat or Drink → eat
019. Piercings → ears
020. Tattoos → nope

023. First piercing → when I was 4 years old
024. First best friend → Angie
025. First award → 3nd Honors
026. First crush → why do you care...hehehhe
027. First pet → my dog named "Beauty"
028. First big vacation → San Francisco...we visited all the spots, and went to the Island of ALCATRAZ
030. First big birthday → when I turned 18..

049. Eating → chow mien noodles
050. Drinking → energy drink
052. I'm about to → blog hop...ehehheh
053. Listening to → Dora the Explorer...my daughter is watching the show and I can hear it from the den
054. Plans for today → not much
055. Waiting for → hubby to come home...hehhe

058. Want kids? → Yeah! 3 at least.
059. Want to get married? → I'm already married!
060. Careers in mind → yep...RN hopefully

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes
070. Shorter or taller - Taller
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice arms
074. Sensitive or loud→ Sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → nah...

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Lost glasses...yes!
081. Ran away from home → Nope
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → Nope
083. Killed somebody → Nope. I'm harmless! God-fearing too..
084. Broke someone's heart → I think so...
085. Been arrested → Never
087. Cried when someone died → Of course!

089. Yourself → Yes.
090. Miracles → Yes.
091. Love at first sight → Nope
092. Heaven → Yes.
093. Santa Claus → NO
094. Tooth Fairy → Nope.
095. Kiss on the first date → Nope.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Family
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Contented and Happy.
099. Do you believe in God → Of course, YES!.
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 20 people→ Since most of the people I know have this tag already..I decided to keep it for myself


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Hi sis, thanks for posting this ^_^
musta na? baka tomorrow or later ako mag apply sa pd sites..medyo bc -busyhan pa ang lola mo. di ko na masyado naasikaso habibi ko sa kakaharap ko kahapon sa laptop haha(joke)...nagseselos ata sa laptop...o sya magtitiklop pa ko ng mga damit namin...c u later.^_^

chubskulit said...

Ganda ng picture natin manang ko awa aw...

Bout your EC comment, u gave me an idea to check out my site to google chrome to see if it appear normal there but just the same.. its black.. grrrrr...

Clarissa said...

Good to know more things about you,Mommy Dhemz!Kelan nyo ba susundan si Akesha?

amiable amy said...

Wow, Gitagum ,daghan ra ba diha siniguelas ba...

thanks for posting girl

musta Alcatraz girl, hunted site baya naa sya hahaha

TIMADANG said...

thangks 4 visit Dhemz... :)
nice to know you..