Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a DAY!

A lil bit of comfort....hehhhehe!
She's feeding her Papa.
We have had a bummer day earlier. We landed in the emergency room. What happened was....hubby was feeling sick after we ate dinner last night. He was constipated, vomiting, and severe pain on his stomach. I don't think it's because of the food we had for dinner, if that was the reason Akesha and I will get sick too. We just ignored it and thought it will go away.

Hubby woke me up around 6am, and told me that we needed to go to the closest ER because he was feeling very bad. I was very nervous and don't no what to do. So I have managed to bring him to the ER even if I am scared of driving in the freeway....:)

We stayed in the ER for 10 hours or so....the results were negative. The CAT scan, labs, and exams were perfectly find. We thought it has something to do with appendicitis or something because his pointing his appendix. Anyhow, I think the morphine killed the pain. Thank's to God there is nothing serious happen.

Akesha did pretty well. She was very helpful and trying to comfort her "PAPA". She's feeding hubby with crackers, and she fell asleep while waiting for the results. I am glad that she did not cry and complain....usually she complain and cry about anything....hehhehe....:)

So I guess we need to change our diet....that is what the doctor is recommending.


Umma said...

Sistah!! I was so shocked about this news.. OMG! Maayo ra kay ok na si banana.. natam-an cguro ug ka-on kaya wa natunawan.. wawa naman.

But Im glad he's fine now.. whew! what a day ha? Pag sa akoa cguro aguy! panic na ang beauty ko.

Sistah, Im glad to hear from you ha? gui- mingaw baya ko nimo.. I was wondering what did you do. hahaha.. yun pala nandoon kamo sa ER.

Entrada pa lang ni sistah from my novena ang akon nga tuod na speech sa tomorrow na lang. I just want to say something of what happened with you guys.

Ingat kaayo kamo diha. mwah!

niko said...

was touched with akesha's gestures! huhuh she is such a sweeet baby girl ganda!!!

i hope ur hubby is feeling ok by now.. pray for him!

anyways, tawa ako ng tawa sa comment mo. hindi nga ako marunong magluto and i need to learn.. hahahah

about the house, its a mini house.. hindi kasya ang sampung tao sa loob hehhe. and we are not getting yaya.. kasi si mother ko ang nag aalaga kay yena when am at the office..

actually i have to thank one person for making it possible. il post about it sooon! hahaha

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

It good that nothing bad happen to your lovey dovey Dems oi saonz nalang... Amping-ampong mo dha.. Kacute sad ni Akesha oi..langga jud na kaau iyang Papa.. Everything will be ok Dems...

kittykat said...

Hala ka day!!!kumsuta naman si banana nimo??i hope he is feeling better now..

Sweet naman ng baby mo..she really took care of her Papa..

btw, tama man to akong ingon oy..gwapa man jud ka..amiga gud ta unya gwapa man sad ko..LOL..birds of the same feather baya flocks together..agree jud na si Niko ug si Umma ana..hahahaha

vhingF said...

ayyyyy!!! I remember my kids tuloy.kahit paalisin mo sa tabi baka mahawaan..siksik pa rin ng siksik.

GET WELL SOON!..na lng ma say ko ah. ako din nga me-pison....hehehe

inis 2ng winter eh....ngeeek! sipon pala...hahahaha.

ghieGANDA said...

hala wawa naman ang hubby mo mommy.. its good to know he's fine now. kakatuwa naman c akesha. she's really growing up na. so sissy nadischarge c hubby nang unknown ang cause ng naramdaman niya? o tlgang ung dinner niyo ang my sala?

talaga 20 ka? 7 ako. hihi. at least leo pa din pareho.

u also joined a pageant when u were a first grader? galing. hehe. sana u could also post ur pics para its my turn to laugh. haha.. kakatuwa talaga kasi magtingin ng old pics no?

hahha.. pano mo nalaman na si Ivan ang kasama ko sa bottom pic? hirap hulaan no?? lol. tnx kay sister umma. she adjusted the header size for me.

mejo napahaba ata comment ko sissy. dto na lang muna. hehe. muaaahh! :)

LIZZIE said...


I'm so sorry to hear abt your hubby's predicament. Hope everything is turning out fine. I've had my appendix removed last year, I had a nagging pain all night long and in the morning, I just couldn't walk straight. I went to the ER and the doctors had it removed.

If you hubby does have appendicitis and they don't remove it (in this case, since all results were negative, then maybe it's ok), it could recur. Just monitor your hub once the drugs wear off.

Hope ure doing fine and getting better on the freeway! *^_~*

chubskulit said...

Hello sis labay muna ako dire abgo ako matulog, i do hope that greg will feel better soon and everything will be fine.. kakakatakot kaya yun, kung ako nawalan na ako ng malay nyan hahaha...

sige sis, tulog na ako at mageempake to the max ako bukas, mwah, mwah.. luvya!

psssst ipapanood mo kay kesha yung tinikling, she'll like it..

Hi! I'm Grace said...

A big "get well soon" to your hubby, Dhemz. My hubby and I had that, too, few days ago. We had shot and now we are doing good. Our case was some virus.
You miss my post about you in my blog. Please check on it , Monday post. Thank you.

Mrs. Stevenson said...

sis that is scary. Thanks god there's nothing serious happened to him. kaloka i hate going to hospital dami ko kc naranasan sa hospital so as long as kaya ko auko talagang maagpunta ng hospital. your girl is bright and strong too like you!

maxi said...

sorry to hear about your UNlovely morning. but at least, your hubby's fine. i hope that he's going to feel a lot better. well, i sure he will because he's got a lovely wife and a pretty little girl beside him all the time.

take care friend! mwah

Cecile said...

I am glad it was not that bad as you thought it was. If I were you, nah hinimatay na siguro ako. I hope greg will feel better soon, just do what the doctor asked you to do, so nomre emergency room. Take cake dear.

amiable amy said...

OH my, i was so surprise seeing the pictures. Thank God that nothing happen seriously. take care always.

Maria said...

Dhemz, I feel sorry about what happen to your banana. Grabe ER man gyud. Kahadlok ba. Maayo kay wala ka na rattle no. Lalol pa mag drive sa freeway.

Saludo ko ni nimo gang. Basta asikasoha gyud si banana ha.

Chika ta ugma ha.

maxi said...

ha? as in whattt??? your hubby's back to work na? ngek! kawawa naman. sana di mabinat.

alam ko naman na you will always take care of him eh. he'll be fine soon.

ay.. thanks nga pala for following my blog, ha. means a lot to me.

Meryl said...

hi dhemz, now ko lang na read tong blog mo...right after i send you an email...hope ok na ang hubby mo. how is he right now? I'll pray for him. Btw, you little girl is so sweet.

candlemamma said...

I am so sorry you had such a scare. My husband went though something like this along time ago. He didn't want to go to the doctor but I made him and all was fine. I am glad your little one is okay too. AMB!

Dorothy L said...

Health is a very scary thing when it is threatening enough to have to go to an emergency ward.

It is so good to hear that your hubby is better.
Those types of so called lose cals really do make us look at our loved ones a little deeper.

Thank you for sharing that with us. I hope your nerves are a bit calmer also.


eden said...

hi dhemz.. sorry to hear all about this. But glad your hubby is doing better now. that was so sweet of Akesha, very touching ang pic nilang mag ama.

well, anyway, thanks for dropping by. I never know what happen not until when I read your message

best regards

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Sistah Dhemz! luoy man diay ang husband nimo oi. Maayo na imuhang bana-na pie girl?

Just be careful next time on what you eat sis para dili mo magsakit. My prayers are with you

Clarissa said...

Sorry to hear about your day--Akesha is so sweet to take care of her Daddy! Nawala lang ako sandali eh nasa ER na kayo?!(^0^)Get well soon na lang sa papepupepot mo ha!!

Ok lang kami nung weekend-- lumabas kami,I'll post them siguro bukas!!hirap mag-maintain ng sariling blog eh!lol!

Thanks for dropping by ha!^_^

Jacky said...

sad to know what happen... Thank god everything is well now... Super sweet talaga ng baby girl mo... god bless and get well soon sa hubby.

SEDONA said...

Your are true, GOD is with you and that's why nothing happened to your husband. I'll pray for his recovery.

Kev said...

Aww...you daughter is so sweet, so loving. Good for both of you.

Anyway the symptoms that your hubby had could be anything from food poisoning to gastritis. It's best to get medical attention & monitor his condition if it recurs.

The thing about food poisoning is, though everyone eats the same food, doesn't mean that everyone gets food poisoning. Could be only one.

Well whatever it is, thank God your hubby's fine. And you're fine too :)

Take care n keep blogging