Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amazing song by 12-year old

Singing is one of the best way to express feelings. Some people are blessed to have talents like singing, and some make it as their profession. Music is one of my passions, but I don't consider myself a good singer. As a parent I think it is good to motivate your kids to learn music. My daughter is almost 3 years old and I can see how much she loves to sing. She loves to imitate the singers on television, and she pretends that she's holding a microphone. I think she might have the potential to be a singer someday.

Do you know that there are many kids out there who have started singing at an early age? One of these kids is Lena. Lena has been singing since she was 7 years old, she sang the national anthem in front of a huge crowd. At her young age she went on to record some songs, and she recently began writing her own music. Now, she is releasing her first original composition “Framed”. This composition was collaborated by a veteran Hollywood music composer and producer Kosta Lois.

It is amazing to know that a 12 year old like Lena can composed and sing so well. She's really talented. I hope that other kids her age can look up to her as an inspiration. If you would like to listen to her song, you should check it out Lena's myspace page at . So what are you waiting for? You should visit her page today.


payatot said...

hello tita demz, parang PPP yan ano? sarap naman talaga ng ganyan na pede ka pa din sa PPP..sige, post ka pa ng maraming PPP..

eden said...

dorothy joined the school choir before because i encouraged her. now, she quitted because she said she had enough. i really like her to join but she seems not interested in singing. she is more into sport which is also great.

katherine said...

Hi Dhemz, oh, if Akesha is interested in singing, give her 101% support. I started singing also at 7 years old. I was not scared to joined singing contest. I won so many times and when i got older (teenager), i was on the radio already but nobody supported me, not even my mother. I applied as a singer for Japan, i was hired but when i started gathering my papers, i was underage and the Japanese employer didn't accept an underage employee. Hahaha Luckily, my 2 sons are like me. They can sing well. My kano was a band member when he was young that's why if he is here, we are like a complete band because hubby plays the drum, eldest son plays guitar, me and youngest son are the singers..haha

BTW, nabasa nako kay Meryl na ayaw ng mga advertisers ang AdBrite? Ngano man kay mga AdBrite ra ba ning akong ads. Kay na kick-out man ko sa Google Adsense kay na click man nako accidentally ako ads, 2 times pa jud. Ang nag hatag nako ug opps ay ang Blogsvertise, BuyBlogReviews ur Paying Post. Dili na sila mo hire nimo kung AdBrite ako ads?

Cecile said...

Dhemz, nabasa nako karon lang imog comment sa akong blog :-); mao diay kaha na suspend imong blog? nah sa ako man kay nag take ako opps, human reserved nako to, then wa nako gihimo post instead, kuha na sad ko lain nga opps para sa akong usa na blog, nasakpan man to, mao yo na suspend akong account, wa ko ka grab, tanan nga blogs nako closed sa duha ka semana. Nah first man nako nga gibuhat to uy, kay sulti man nga usa blogger na iya to gihimo dugay na wa man lagi siya masakpan, so gitudluan niya unsa akong buhaton, sakpan gud :-). i learned by lesson that night hehehe.